The UITS Support Center at IUPUC maintains all campus printers used by students, faculty, and staff. Please be aware of these guidelines related to printers and printing.

Student Printing

IUPUC students can print papers, homework assignments, class presentations, and other academic material from Student Technology Center (STC) computers or from wireless connections throughout campus.

  • Campus printers are controlled with allotment software. As a student you are allowed up to 650 black and white impressions (i.e., printed pages) per semester.
  • Additional printing allotments can be purchased at the front desk in the University Library (LC Room 1600).

Mobile Printing

Printing important documents from your cell phone, tablet, notebook, and other mobile devices is quick, easy, and convenient! With IU’s mobile printing application, just attach your documents to an e-mail and send them to the designated print queue address.

Steps for printing from your mobile device:

  1. From your IU e-mail account, start a new message.
    • Black and white documents: Send to
    • Color documents: Send to
  2. Note that you do not need to include text in the body of the e-mail.
  3. Attach the file(s) you want to print. Please note that:
    • The format can be any of the most common file types (.jpg, .gif, .pdf, Word, Excel, etc.)
    • To print a Web page via mobile printing, save it as a .pdf first.
    • Duplex (two-sided) printing is not supported via mobile printing.
  4. Send your e-mail with the attachments.
  5. You will receive an e-mail confirmation that the print job is submitted and ready for release at a print release station. Note this may take a few minutes depending on the size of the document.
  6. Go to a campus print release station, swipe your University ID card in the reader, choose the document from your list in the queue, and print it.

University ID cards are required to use campus printing stations. As an enrolled student, a printing quota will automatically be added to your ID card. If you need to obtain an ID card—or obtain a replacement for a lost card—please visit the Office of Registrar Services in CC Room 156M.

Faculty & Staff Printing

Faculty and staff at IUPUC are authorized to utilize university owned printers located throughout the campus. Contact the administrative assistant for your department or the IT Support Center if you are uncertain where pritners are located.

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