Knowledge Base & LSP Online

The UITS Knowledge Base is an important resource for LSPs as well as IUPUC students, faculty, and staff. This searchable database includes a glossare and online help that will enable you to find answers to questions about information technology at Indiana university.

LSP Online is an online community for local support providers (LSPs) and IT managers (ITMs). This portal is a rich Web-based environment allowing IT professionals at Indiana University to better connect, share, and collaborate. It includes resources like:

  • Service blogs
  • Community forums, uploading, and announcements
  • Event calendar, including "Tech Talks"
  • LSP database

Local Support Provider

Local support providers, or LSPs, are individuals who are authorized and qualified to provide technology support and services within university schools, departments, and campuses. LSPs must be registered with University Information Technology Services (UITS) at IUPUC in order to access Tier 2 support services, like access to restricted software and network/user management tools. Tier 2 services include but are not limited to:

  • Advanced Windows workstation and server consulting and support
  • Security consulting
  • Advanced e-mail and moblity support
  • technical training and certification

Registration as an LSP will UITS to better serve and support LSPs in their technical support roles at IUPUC.

Although UITS is generally the clearinghouse for all hardware, software, and network support, we recognize that some divisions and offices have staff who can purchase and manage computers, peripherals, and related equipment and software

If you would like to register as an LSP at IUPUC, or if you are already serving as the custodian or LSP of technical resources with administrative level access, please help us document and evaluate your expertise by completing this Local Support Provider at IUPUC form.

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