Phone Support

Telephones on the IUPUC campus use a UniCom/Lync system.

UniCom, which is a shortened form of "unified communications," uses Microsoft Lync to bring voice, video, and data together in one desktop communication system that includes instant messaging (IM), telephony, e-mail, desktop sharing, and audio/video conferencing.

By using Lync to tie into your desktop computer, UniCom provides many features and functionalities that save time, improve efficiency, and enhance communication across the IUPUC campus and the entire Indiana University system. They include:

  • Simple ten-digit dialing
  • No long distance charges between IU campuses (soon)
  • Long distance authorization codes are now needed only on non-IU calls
  • Instant messaging between Lync users
  • Video calling from your desk to other Lync users (Webcam required)
  • Hold or join videoconferences from your desk
  • Desktop sharing
  • Integration with mobile devices

Self-study guides, resources, and tutorials

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4601 Central Avenue
Columbus, IN 47203

Phone: 812.348.7311

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