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If you need assistance with using Windows 8 or have questions about its features or functionality, please contact the IT Support Center. We'll be glad to help!

Windows 8 @ IUPUC

University Information Technology Services (UITS) recently updated public machine and lab environments to Windows 8 and make better use of the touchscreen interface on monitors.

Training Materials & Resources

Please download and review the Windows 8 Training Brochure for information resources about utilizing Windows 8. This brochure outlines many of the new features and functionality available in Windows 8. NOTE: We encourage all campus IT users to print pages 33-35 for use as a handy personal reference guide while you are learning to use Windows 8.

UITS has also created a basic Lectern primer for quick reference.

You can also review the Windows 8 Essentials: Web-based tutorial. In general, most users will find these sections and items most useful for the IUPUC learning environment:

  • Introduction
  • Section 1
    • A Windows 8 overview
    • Helpful keyboard shortcuts
    • Using gestures
  • Section 2
    • Basics of Metro applications
    • Working with a typical application
    • Browsing with Internet Explorer 10
    • Accessing all applications
    • Running applications side by side
    • Closing applications
  • Section 4
    • Using desktop applications
    • Working with file explorer
    • Safely removing a device
    • Using the Recycle Bin
    • Snipping for screen captures
  • Section 5
    • Printing

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