Employee of the Month

In 2010, IUPUC began a tradition of recognizing one outstanding employee each month to show appreciation for his or her dedication and effectiveness. 

  • Employees are nominated by their supervisors and other staff members.
  • The vice chancellor and dean seeks consensus from division and department heads for each nomination. 
  • If more than one nominee has support by that group for the same month, the vice chancellor determines the sequencing of the nominees for a three-month period.

To view previous recipients of this recognition, explore these links:


One of her nominators says of Cheryl:  “During periods when University College was understaffed, Cheryl offered help and support to all UCOL staff members.  She managed phone calls, addressed student needs and assisted with orientation preparations.  Her humor, compassion and cheerful attitude has helped us get through the summer.” 

Another stated:  “Cheryl has been wonderfully positive and upbeat at all of the recent new student orientations, and she volunteered to cover the UCOL office, which meant learning a new database system and the processes associated with orientation, placement testing and advising.”


 said about Robbie Shaw:

She worked to serve students and staff alike this summer, even when recovering from a leg injury that had her in an awkward (and probably uncomfortable) leg brace.  For part of this same period, she also covered the responsibilities of the temporarily vacant financial aid position.  Through both of these challenges, Robbie remained her cheerful and always helpful self, providing answers to both common and unusual questions.  Service with a smile is not just an expression; Robbie sincerely demonstrates that customer-pleasing practice.

Sandra Miles said about Kaleb Briscoe:

I nominate Kaleb Briscoe for her hard work and for consistently going above and beyond to ensure the success of her programs as well as assisting with programs outside of her department.

Tom Lawrence said about Barbara Brown:

During the past year Barbara has been of indispensable assistance to our mechanical engineering program by attending each of our division meetings, organizing our events, setting up meetings, keeping track of paperwork and gently reminding us when we let items on our "to do" list slip. Her efforts have at least doubled our effectiveness in going forwards with our strategic goals.  All this and she is only dedicated part-time to the Division of Mechanical Engineering.

Beth Sharer said about Carrie Shaver:

Carrie Shaver is a major asset to our division.  She takes on other duties as assigned without complaint.  She always has a smile on her face and creates a welcoming environment for our students, visitors, and fellow IUPUC employees.  She has amazing leadership skills.  Carrie works with other divisions to develop new programming for our students.  She takes an active part in helping to monitor our division budget and the development of our marketing strategies.  She works with community partners to promote the Division of Nursing.  Carrie has been a major player in our work toward separate accreditation.  She earned her certificate in Simulation from Drexel University in order to help us be the best we can be in simulation.  Carrie Shaver is a fearless leader and we appreciate all she does for the Division of Nursing at IUPUC!

George Towers said about Natalie Edwards:

“Natalie is an excellent advisor.  She stepped in as the first advisor assigned to the Division of Liberal Arts and made it look very easy.  She brings an ideal combination of institutional expertise, interpersonal skill, initiative, and attention to detail to her work.  Moreover, she really cares about her students and their success.  I have had many colleagues remark on what a wonderful difference Natalie has made.  She is also an excellent colleague who all of us greatly enjoy working with.  I know I speak for the entire Division of Liberal Arts when I say that we are very lucky to have Natalie.”

Susie Blizard said about Cindy Felsten:

"Cindy has been instrumental in providing meaningful experiences and diverse programming to enrich the lives of alumni, faculty, staff, and students, and has strengthened communication between the alumni community and IUPUC.  She is creating opportunities for various audiences to hear the voices of success from IUPUC alumni.  As a new initiative at IUPUC, Cindy, working with the ORA, is positioning alumni volunteers to launch a recruitment strategy that will actively connect IUPUC to new traditional and non-traditional prospects. Congratulations to Cindy Felsten for cultivating a total university and community connection while fostering a sense of pride and enthusiasm."

Brenda Vogel, Cindy's supervisor, added these comments: 

"Cindy gives 110% in everything she does.  She is very thorough and pays great attention to detail.  She understands donor relations and etiquette and is quite accomplished in event planning.  All of this has benefited IUPUC in our alumni and student alumni association outreach efforts.  Of special note, Cindy successfully coordinated an alumni panel of five outstanding IUPUC alumni as part of the Homecoming events.  Her coordination of this event was exceptional and, due to her foresight of having the panelists recorded, will have lasting impact on our ability to share alumni stories with others."


Lauren Burch said about Kevin McCracken:

Kevin McCracken is, without a doubt, an indispensable asset to not only the IU MBA program at IUPUC, but also to the Center for Business and Economic Development (CBED) and the Mental Health Counseling program.  Kevin has responsibilities to all three programs, and transitions seamlessly between these three roles on a daily basis.  His depth of knowledge regarding programmatic elements and years of experience with IUPUC has provided invaluable insights on a number of different topics.  Beyond his high level of proficiency and tireless work ethic, Kevin is simply a joy to work with. Always ready with a warm smile and greeting, I feel he embodies the philosophy of a "welcoming campus."

Greg Knudson, Kevin’s supervisor, added these comments:

“Kevin is balancing three assignments at one time, including the Associate Director of CBED as well as the Associate Director of the MBA program and the Masters in Mental Health Counseling.  Kevin manages to schedule his time and accommodate the needs of all three programs in a high quality way.  Kevin is going above and beyond the requirements of all three jobs here at IUPUC.”


Frank Wadsworth said about Julie David:

Julie David has been in a whirlwind since she arrived in 2012. She had 500 advisees the first year before Summer Bowman arrived. Julie uses a balanced approach to the many issues she deals with every day. She can take a tactical approach to problems when dealing with student advising and a strategic approach when planning out long term class schedules. Julie has made many outstanding suggestions for improving class scheduling and teaching adjustments. Julie has earned two professional certificates since arriving on the IUPUC campus. She is a certified Meyers-Briggs advisor and a Strong Interest Inventory counselor. Julie is the secretary for Staff Council.  Julie always has a smile, is friendly, outgoing, empathetic to student, staff, and faculty issues, and engaged with the campus. She is a wonderful Division of Business team member and continues to support the success of our students and campus.

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