Employee of the Month

In 2010, IUPUC began a tradition of recognizing one outstanding employee each month to show appreciation for his or her dedication and effectiveness. 

  • Employees are nominated by their supervisors and other staff members.
  • The vice chancellor and dean seeks consensus from division and department heads for each nomination. 
  • If more than one nominee has support by that group for the same month, the vice chancellor determines the sequencing of the nominees for a three-month period.

To view previous recipients of this recognition, explore these links:


Joan Poulsen said about Kara Woodlee:

Kara arrived at IUPUC and hit the ground running.  She leads the Peer Mentor program, and recently revised the program from recruitment, to pay structure, to training, and implementation.  This was a huge undertaking campus-wide.  Kara was instrumental in implementing the appreciative advising initiative in the past year, and is a dedicated member of the advising group.  Finally, Kara not only presents at professional advising conferences, but has guided students who have also presented at conferences about their experience as peer mentors.  Kara is a great member of the UCOL team.

Joan Poulsen said about Aaron Miller:

Aaron is a dedicated academic advisor who is committed to giving students optimal advising for their unique academic and personal situations.  As advisors moved to the appreciative advising model, Aaron has embraced this approach and implemented it for all students in Science.  Further, as the First Year Seminar groups worked together to improve their curriculum, Aaron worked to include these elements in the Psychology Learning Community.  Aaron works closely with Psychology and Biology students, but currently advises over 250 students across 10 different degree programs in science, some of whom plan to complete their degree at IUPUI, making his attentiveness to students’ goals one of his key strengths.  Aaron truly creates a welcoming environment for advisees.  He has an impeccable memory for students’ names and pertinent information; he advocates for students with complex transfer situations; and he helps to provide career advising.  Finally, Aaron has become increasingly engaged in improving curriculum, and clarifying academic policies to improve student success.  Aaron is a vital part of the Division of Science, and we appreciate his daily efforts for our students.


Becky Stephens said about Sarah Dippert:

Over the summer, with a condensed staff Sarah did an excellent job of covering the summer hours.  Sarah has done an excellent job in her new role as Café Lead. With her positive attitude and her willingness to be a team player, she is a great asset to the Café and IUPUC campus. She will do whatever it takes to get the job done. She is always pleasant and that always puts a smile on the faces of many. She is definitely a big part in what makes the Café run so smoothly.


Debbie Winikates said about Jessi Penn:

Jessi always has a spontaneous smile for coworkers and exudes a positive approach to acknowledging challenging situations; she moves people and initiatives forward. She always takes the high road and never complains—when faced with large campus-wide tasks she discerns when to ask for help and has tasks defined so that others can know how to jump in. She is an organizer.  She has been the point person for an expanded new student orientation program and for Pride Friday. Although all of us have pledged to participate, we wouldn't know what to do or where to go without Jessi and her organizational plan for UCOL and for the campus. She is awesome!


Denise Jennings said about Cynthia Scott:

A few months ago, Cynthia Scott enthusiastically took on the task of creating academic advising reports (AAR’s) as part of the process of creating degree maps for IUPUC knowing that much of this work was going to occur during times when she was already busy managing conferral of degrees, VA paperwork, and classroom scheduling.  Cynthia worked diligently the last few months to meet a strict deadline and is MORE than on target; the work for many of our degree programs is nearing completion.  Cynthia has done this without complaint or frustration and has, in fact, expressed high levels of excitement about the task and her accomplishments within the process.  While we may not understand the enthusiasm this task has invoked, please help me in congratulating Cynthia on being the August Employee of the Month.  Please also help me in thanking her for doing this much needed work!


Sandra Miles said about Dianna Peters:

Dianna is a joy to work with.  She is always very helpful and engaging whether she is greeting at the main entrance reception area, working with our AES students, or scheduling confidential counseling sessions.  I am so happy to have someone like her on the Student Affairs team!


Brian Trivett said about Brandi Rund:

Brandi has hit the ground running since she started working at IUPUC and has not stopped yet.  She continually goes the extra mile in assisting anyone with a technical issue.  She has never been afraid to step up and take on new challenges, even if she is unfamiliar with the process.  Each and every time she delivers on her commitments and leaves people in a better place than they were before she visited.  She has stepped into groups above and beyond her job requirement and has excelled in all that she does.

Brenda Vogel said about Marsha VanNahmen:

She is always ready and willing to help.  She’s taken on many different jobs the past few months to help IUPUC with some unassigned responsibilities.  She is always organized and on top of issues, keeping people directed and on task.  She has helped Development tremendously with events – organized, creative, understands quality, thorough.  She also helps keep grant teams on task and time with her organizational skills.

Debbie Winikates said about Audrey Scott:

Audrey Scott has consistently provided support to UCOL well beyond her position description of Testing Center Proctor.  Last Fall, when UCOL started preparing for two of our colleagues to be out on maternity leave at about the same time and both during the December/January new student orientation sessions, Audrey began preparing to step in and carry out Jessi Penn’s work as well as her own (as a part time employee!).  She stretched herself and her time to the max to keep UCOL operating and to pull off the orientation days without any mishaps.  She cheered us all on during the winter holidays and jump-started the new year for us with smiles and assurances.  She is a wonderful member of the UCOL team, someone who cares about students and cares about colleagues, and who rolls up her sleeves with a smile when the going gets tough.

Paul Burris said about Facilities Team:

The Facilities Team has done an outstanding job this winter. With record snowfall, our maintenance staff removed snow, swept, and scraped sidewalks of snow and ice. Parking spaces were cleared for our students and staff before morning light so that IUPUC could safely have classes. On some of the worst days you could find the team pulling cars from snow banks and jumping dead batteries. Our custodial staff swept the carpets, mopped floors, and removed salt residue from the building. This kept the overall appearance of the building looking clean and welcoming. The hard work that this team has done has not been easy.  While campus was closed, these IUPUC team members showed up and went above their call. I am very proud to be part of such a great group of unselfish and hardworking people. Their attitudes have never faltered. Their positive approach to get the job done is easily seen throughout the campus. I feel that the Facilities Team most certainly deserves this distinction of Employees of the Month.


George Towers said about Matthew Springmeyer:

I have found Matt to be an exceptionally dedicated colleague. He masters a very diverse array of duties, routinely takes on additional tasks, and fits his schedule to meet IUPUC’s needs. He works very well with staff and faculty alike and is very responsive to student needs. IUPUC is very fortunate to have Matt and he would be very difficult to replace.


Beth Sharer said about Carrie Shaver:

Carrie takes on new job duties with enthusiasm. She has completed additional training in order to help staff our Simulation Center. She is an advocate for the traditional students she advises and has initiated appreciative advising with them. She took on the update to our Web site along with many other additional tasks and produces quality work. Carrie maintains a positive attitude and welcomes constructive feedback. It is with great pleasure that I nominate Carrie for this recognition.

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