Employee of the Month

In 2010, IUPUC began a tradition of recognizing one outstanding employee each month to show appreciation for his or her dedication and effectiveness. 

  • Employees are nominated by their supervisors and other staff members.
  • The vice chancellor and dean seeks consensus from division and department heads for each nomination. 
  • If more than one nominee has support by that group for the same month, the vice chancellor determines the sequencing of the nominees for a three-month period.

For information about staff recognitions and awards, contact the Office of Personnel Administration.


Becky Stephens said about Phala Logston:

“Phala is an outstanding employee.  She has worked at IUPUC for over 20 years, and I have had the privilege to work alongside her for the past seven years.  She always has a smile on her face and goes the extra mile to create relationships with everyone-students, faculty, and staff.  Ryan Brewer recently wrote to let me know how much he appreciates his interactions with Phala on a daily basis, and his comments represents many of the same comments I hear over and over.  “Every time I go to the café, Phala asks me how I’m doing and offers me a warm smile with words of encouragement.  She says just the right things, in just the right way!  Importantly, Phala doesn’t only treat me that way; I’ve noticed when I’m in the café that Phala is kind, caring, and sincere with everyone.  She treats our students and everyone else with whom she interacts with incredible respect and care.  For many years now, I have patronized the IUPUC café mostly to get the chance just to say hello to Phala.”


Paul Burris said about Cindy Pittman:

“It is my pleasure to nominate Cindy Pittman as employee of the month.  Over the past year she has gone above and beyond her duties within the department.  She continually steps up to the plate anytime there is a change in staffing, an illness, surgery, or even when her coworkers are dealing with personal battles, all of which has happened this year within the Facilities department.  This series of unfortunate events has left me counting on her a lot and she has NEVER let me or her coworkers down.  Cindy, willingly and without complaint, picks up the extra duties, never expecting anything in return for her personal sacrifices.  I know I can always count on her to do her job well and then some.  Cindy is dependable, hardworking, and a pleasant person to everyone she encounters.  I appreciate her efforts and the manner in which she represents herself and the department at IUPUC.  I also greatly appreciate all the times she has gone above and beyond her normal daily duties to make sure the campus, students, faculty, and staff have all the things they need.”


Frank Wadsworth said about Karla Hass:

“What can I say about Karla Hass?  Karla has truly gone above and beyond expectations.  Since February she has performed the tasks for two people since we were short staffed in the Division of Business.  First, Lindsay Jones left and Karla had to perform Lindsay’s advising function until March when Julie David began at IUPUC.  Then Karla had to help Julie get familiar with all of the IU systems like SIS, IUIE, and the Division of Business policies.  Then in May when Laura Lee left Karla took over all support duties for the MBA office. We still don’t have a replacement for Laura Lee.  Karla has such a caring and helpful spirit.  Karla greets campus visitors when nobody is at the front desk inside the Main Entrance to the CC building.  She goes out of her way to help the person find solutions to their problems or the correct office to help them with their concerns.  Every day Karla has a wonderful smile, a positive attitude, and an undeniable work ethic.  Truly, she is the glue that holds the Division of Business together.  We are so lucky to have Karla as part of the Division of Business and IUPUC family.”


Debbie Winikates said about Barbara Dobbs:

“When Barb arrived at IUPUC in mid-summer of 2012, she brought with her an immense understanding of IU data systems and a remarkable collaborative spirit.  She quickly took stock of what she could do to strengthen IUPUC for an upcoming HLC accreditation visit and used her store of talents to construct an extensive IUPUC data image.  First and foremost, though, Barb is a student advocate.  She is very protective of student information and is a champion for student success through analysis of student data.  She provided data support for the Retention and Graduation Research Group, in collaboration with Cummins and the Community Education Coalition, and continues to work with multiple groups on campus to improve retention and graduation rates.  I, personally, learn something new from her each day; she is always attending webinars and other professional development events in order to provide IUPUC with better information, more efficient tools, and new ways of looking at the work we do across campus.  We are very fortunate that Barb decided to join the IUPUC family!”



Cathy Brown said about Sally Jamerson:

“Sally Jamerson has been providing technology support for faculty, students and staff at Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus since February 2011.  In the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) and across the IUPUC campus, Sally is the go-to person for help with instructional technology and other technology-intensive projects such as Talisma and IU Online.  She is always eager to learn and equally as eager to help others learn.  Sally’s service orientation and ability to manage projects (and inability to say “no”) has her at the center of many instructional technology activities at IUPUC and across the IU system.  As a doctoral student in IUB’s Instructional Systems Technology program, Sally understands not only the latest in technology tools, but also when, why and how to use them appropriately.  We are lucky to have her at IUPUC!”


Gary Felsten said about Barbara Brown:

“Barbara Brown has been a key member of the office of the vice chancellor for the past 18 months as she has supported mechanical engineering, institutional research, the associate dean, and the special assistant to the vice chancellor for strategy.  She has demonstrated great versatility and the ability to manage multiple, separate projects at the same time.  But what she has accomplished in the past six months in coordinating the IUPUC Commencement Day Celebration has proven how organized and attentive to detail she has been to prepare for the biggest event of the year.  She went over and beyond her own job responsibilities to learn new software and to visualize all the components that were needed for this event.  In addition she worked with many groups of volunteers to make sure they were trained and felt comfortable in their responsibilities.  We feel very fortunate to have Barbara in our office as a team member!

 Thanks, Barbara, for all you do to make IUPUC a great institution!”


Paul Burris  said about Warren Noble:

“Since Warren has been with IUPUC he has made a noticeable difference at our campus.  His vision and ability to develop a plan for our campus landscape is nothing short of amazing.  Walk our campus and it is easy to see the changes that Warren has brought to it.  I am told almost weekly that never before has the campus look so nice and so inviting.  Warren takes great pride in his work and is a valuable piece of our future.”


Cathy Brown  said about Sara Flanagan:

“Sara Flanagan is the Academic Counselor and Student Services Coordinator for the Division of Education.  In this era of many changes in teacher education due to national, state and university mandates, Sara’s attention to the details of those changes and implications for us has been extremely valuable.  In addition to carefully advising students, she helps keep our faculty and students informed and our program in compliance.  Sara works closely with other staff members and faculty across the campus to support student success.  For example, she negotiates with other divisions to help ensure that courses are scheduled to maximize student access and she is active on the retention and graduation task force.  As one of our representatives to Partners in Education (PIE), she connects the resources of our campus to the community.”


Susan Sullivan  said about Belinda Allen:

“Belinda is a reliable, dedicated team member who employs a collaborative approach in every project she tackles, viewing the desired outcome from a variety of perspectives and seeking feedback from others before determining which is appropriate for the task at hand. A warm, welcoming presence in the Office of Communications and Marketing, she is highly attuned to the needs of others. Her positive attitude and can-do spirit when delivering customer service is appreciated by all she encounters. She is an extremely supportive individual who always has a kind word and smile for students, faculty, and staff. She exemplifies the epitome of a courteous professional who inspires her colleagues to aspire to the same level in their interactions with others.”


Mark Volpatti  said about Cerrie Butler:

“Cerrie Butler has truly went above and beyond in December.  As IUPUC moved into a new financial organization structure, Cerrie has done hundreds of additional payroll documents to ensure each employee is correctly situated in the system.  In addition, some of the steps that central administration usually does was delegated down to Cerrie because she has earned the respect that she is able to complete these types of projects with a great attention to detail and high accuracy.  This goes with her always welcoming attitude when someone has a payroll or travel question.  She is a key person that demonstrates the attitude of a welcoming campus by her willingness to assist wherever she is able.”


Brenda Vogel  said about Sue Gerber:

“Sue Gerber has been the glue that holds the Development office together through the transitions over the past year.  She is consistently dependable in the work she does and often goes above and beyond her own job to learn new things and support the work of IUPUC.  As a part-time employee, Sue is willing to work extra hours when necessary while maintaining her positive, can-do attitude.  She is always willing to help in any way she can.”


Mark Volpatti  said about Karen Hamilton:

“Karen works closely with the departments to facilitate the purchasing requests.  The past few years, there have been many changes to the policies affecting the procurement process at IU, and Karen has kept up with these changes and has been extremely helpful in working with the staff at IUPUC to navigate this process.  Paul Burris told me that Karen has helped him numerous times on special events when the need for some items were not anticipated.  Karen was there to work with Purchasing to rush an order so that we had it in time to ensure the event was executed properly.  This is just one example of how Karen works with the many folks at IUPUC; there are many more examples that were mentioned during her nomination but not enough space to mention all of them.  Thanks, Karen for your hard work.”

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