Employee of the Month

In 2010, IUPUC began a tradition of recognizing one outstanding employee each month to show appreciation for his or her dedication and effectiveness. 

  • Employees are nominated by their supervisors and other staff members.
  • The vice chancellor and dean seeks consensus from division and department heads for each nomination. 
  • If more than one nominee has support by that group for the same month, the vice chancellor determines the sequencing of the nominees for a three-month period.

For information about staff recognitions and awards, contact the Office of Personnel Administration.


Katherine Wills said about Vicki Kruse:

“Vicki embodies an eclectic skill set that embraces and supports the mission and temperament of IUPUC Liberal Arts.  She is professional, yet approachable; detail-oriented, yet forgiving; enthusiastic, yet focused.  Everyday Vicki supports the Division of Liberal Arts by planning, prioritizing, problem solving, organizing, adapting, and nurturing—and having a sense of humor. These qualities make Vicki an accessible and indispensable Administrative Assistant for students, faculty, administration, and the community.  The Division of Liberal Arts thanks her for her dedication and exemplary service.”


Denise Jennings  said about Karen Chisham:

“Karen has worked diligently to transition our schedule of classes production deadline to almost six weeks earlier in the semester.  This frequently means that she is working on making changes to schedules for two semesters+.  She is an integral part of the remonstrance process and works with faculty to insure that the requests are processed and then tracks their progress to insure that the remonstrance request is moving forward.  She is always happy to support new initiatives and her sense of humor is a vital part of the Registrar team.”


Bill Fields  said about Alex Jay:

“Alex Jay has been a member of the OIT staff since 2004 and has exemplified going above and beyond the call of duty.  Alex is a leader in the OIT office, when asked; he is willing and able to give a helping hand in projects that are not directly his.  He has assisted in many projects that have helped in the growth and retention of students at IUPUC.  Alex has also been a vital member of the safety and security team at IUPUC.  He is one of the first responders on the campus and has continually excelled in this role.  He also assists in all drills and alerts on campus, helping to lead our students and guests to the safe locations on campus.” 


Vicki Welsh-Huston  said about Erin Beck:

“I appreciate and fully support Dan Fant’s nomination of Erin Beck as the September Employee of the Month.  In addition to learning about the IU system, and the 13 different degrees for which she advises, in her first four months of employment Erin also volunteered to serve as advisor to the IUPUC Dance Marathon, joined two staff council committees and became the IUPUC liaison to JACADA (IUPUI’s academic advising association).  Erin has spent many hours supporting Dan Fant as he works to launch the Mechanical Engineering program at IUPUC, including gathering information from students, creating an Oncourse site to communicate with ME majors, and providing data to Dan and other administrators.  She has developed a working relationship with faculty/staff in the engineering school at IUPUI and maintains close coordination with them.  Erin does her share and more for University College and I am pleased that she is a member of our team.”


Madelyn Shackelford Washington said about Stefanie Davis:

“Stefanie has worked in various capacities in the University Library of Columbus since 2009.  She has been instrumental in creating library displays for special events, including: Banned Book Week, Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month among many others.   Stefanie has also proven to be quite valuable in assisting faculty with course reserves and managing library subscriptions.  She is diligent, thoughtful and certainly deserving of this recognition”.


Sandra Miles  said about Carol Kostrzewsky:

“Carol is truly thoughtful, approachable, and fun to be around. The students she works with are truly appreciative of the time she dedicates to providing them with personal assistance, and I have no doubt that she will continue to respond creatively and energetically to the evolving Career Services needs on our campus. She is certainly deserving of this recognition.”


Susie Blizard  said about Nancy Wetterau Scott:

“Nancy is a dedicated employee of IUPUC and has become instrumental in the operations of the Office of Admissions. She plays a critical role in all areas of the office:  meeting new prospects, scheduling admission appointments, assisting with planning and implementing on/off campus recruitment events, attending special off campus recruitment events, managing recruitment materials, and processing new admits into SIS. Nancy also has proven repeatedly to go above and beyond expectations. She has stepped up on numerous occasions to take on new responsibilities and assume leadership of key office initiatives which will ultimately improve the functionality of the Office of Admissions.  Nancy’s positive, “I can do that” attitude, along with her expertise and outstanding work ethic, makes her an invaluable employee and respected colleague. Congratulations Nancy!” 


Vickie Welsh-Huston said about Kenn Amberger:

"This past year, due to resignations and in addition to his own duties, Kenn Amberger has covered the work of two other advisors and eventually some tasks of the division’s administrative secretary. He never complained about the extra responsibilities, but rather jumped in with both feet looking for ways to help. Kenn not only contributes positively to the work of University College, but also to other divisions at IUPUC. Newly-hired advisors from the other academic divisions schedule meetings with Kenn for advice and training. That means that for this past year he has trained/helped to train 5 academic advisors at IUPUC. He also freely shares with other advisors the forms, applications and process documentation that he creates. Kenn is a great support to his UCOL team members and we are pleased to have the opportunity to work with him."


Michael Oakes said about Laura Lee Wetzel:

"Laura Lee's professional life in the past nearly two years has been all about change. She moved into administration of the MBA program full time in June 2010 while being asked to still keep a hand on things in Executive Education through that office's transition away from the Division of Business. She then helped transition the MBA program from a traditional curriculum to an integrated, modular curriculum. At the same time, Laura Lee was asked to participate in an overhaul of MBA recruiting and admissions, leading to learning and using new technology systems, new management processes, and new tracking and reporting requirements.

All along, Laura Lee has been the cornerstone for international student issues in the MBA program. This year, she initiated and organized IUPUC's own EAP courses so that international graduate students could complete their admission requirements here in Columbus.

And whenever an employer or IUPUC alumnus thinks of engaging IUPUC, Laura Lee is often the first person they contact. In return, she is often the first person to jump up to serve them with the kind of "welcoming" professionalism they expect of our university."


Paul Burris said about Chuck Sturgeon:

"Chuck has been instrumental in troubleshooting the heating and cooling issues that the campus has witnessed over the years.  Although some small problems still exist, Chuck has stayed positive, motivated, and undeterred.  His determination and "can do" attitude can be appreciated by all the faculty, staff, and students of the campus.  Chuck's determination proved very beneficial in troubleshooting the RC building’s system that has, in the past, been unreliable and heavy in repair hours and cost to a system that now works efficiently and correctly.  Chuck's performance brings great pride to himself as well as the maintenance department of IUPUC!  Thank you for selecting Chuck Sturgeon as March's Employee of the Month."


Sandra Miles said about Matt Rothrock:

"Matt is an extremely hard worker and has done a lot to make the Academic Resource Center (ARC) more accessible and efficient. He is very skilled at working with both faculty and students and IUPUC is very fortunate to have him in this role."


Denise Johnson-Jennings said about Cheryl Harman:

"Cheryl is a key member of the registrar team. She consistently goes above and beyond. For months during the hiring process, Cheryl supported the work of the registrar’s office in a capacity well outside of her role. She completed reports, provided service to students, assisted faculty, handled residency issues, and sat on numerous committees. She consistently works to improve efficiency in our office and maintain the quality of the services that we provide. She is always willing to take on new projects. She is very reliable and a big part of the day-to-day operations of the registrar's office."

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