Employee of the Month

In 2010, IUPUC began a tradition of recognizing one outstanding employee each month to show appreciation for his or her dedication and effectiveness.

  • Employees are nominated by their supervisors and other staff members.
  • The vice chancellor and dean seeks consensus from division and department heads for each nomination. 
  • If more than one nominee has support by that group for the same month, the vice chancellor determines the sequencing of the nominees for a three-month period

For information about staff recognitions and awards, contact the Office of Personnel Administration.


James Clack said about Stacie Vaughan:

"From my perspective, the quality of Stacie's efforts is first rate. The consensus of the Division of Science faculty is that Stacie has done an admirable job and supported them with the utmost in efficiency. She has taken on additional tasks over the last year, including organization of the Faculty Colloquium series, overseeing the various divisional meetings and even helping assemble lunches for the Friday student admissions/recruitment days."


Sandra Miles said about Jennifer Perry:

"I nominated Jeni because she does a great job of connecting with the students during both positive and tense conversations. Many staff on campus have remarked about her helpfulness and willingness to serve on committees, she has worked really hard to strengthen our relationship with the IUPUI Financial Aid office, has also done a great job of representing IUPUC across the state as program chair for the Indiana Student Financial Aid Association, and is developing herself personally and professionally by pursuing her MBA."


Bill Fields said about Nick Klusman:

"Nick Klusman has been a member of the OIT staff since 2005 and has exemplified going above and beyond the call of duty. Nick is a leader in the OIT office. When asked, he is willing and able to give a helping hand in projects that are not directly his. He has assisted in many projects that have helped in the growth and retention of students at IUPUC. Nick has also been a vital member of the safety and security team at IUPUC. He is one of the first responders on the campus and has continually excelled in this role. He also assists in all drills and alerts on campus, helping to lead our students and guests to the safe locations on campus."


Kate Baird said about Jackie Lane:

“During this time of transition, with both Debbie and Denise changing jobs, Jackie has stepped up and taken over parts of both positions to ensure that the Education students’ needs were met to the Division Standards. While supporting the Division through numerous searches, she has also supported the Business Head search. Through this time of transition she continues to be pleasant, cheerful and efficient while juggling several jobs beyond her current job description.”


Mark Volpatti said about Becky Stephens:

"Everyone probably knows Becky Stephens from the Café; however, during this past year, Becky has also added to her position the responsibility of managing internal events and functions of IUPUC.  Over the past six months, I have heard many praises for Becky as she brings new ideas to established venues to make them fresh and exciting.  A traditional work schedule of 8-5 does not work for Becky;  she may be here early in the morning to set up donor development breakfasts or may be here late in the evening for student activities events.  And on some days, it might require her to be here for both.  Becky has a passion for IUPUC and is never shy about developing new ideas to support the mission of our campus."


Lymond Gregory said about Bernice Brand:

"Bernice has been at IUPUC for ten years. In this time I have always seen her being kind and considerate of others. Bernice is always going out of her way to help and do for others. In the past weeks Bernice and Mary have been doing extra work and working different shifts to accommodate the needs of the building and people while Cindy has been off. I believe that the people at IUPUC are lucky to have someone like Bernice working here."


Michael Oakes said about Lindsay Jones:

"Since joining the Division of Business, Lindsay wasted no time establishing herself as knowledgeable and helpful as an advising coordinator for business students. More important, she picked up the simplify mantra right away and has already been instrumental in moving us toward an online-based advising information system that will eliminate much of the paperwork and stuffy files we contend with every time we meet with students. During the spring semester, she voluntarily attended sessions of our BUS-X 103 course, in order to be better prepared to make improvements when she heads up this course in the fall. And she has helped fuel some much needed creative thinking about the undergraduate curriculum.

We expected high quality work from Lindsay when she joined us, because she set such a terrific standard in UCOL. She hasn't disappointed."


Beth Sharer said about Susan Adler:

"Susan Adler has always displayed a high degree of integrity and responsibility. Her loyalty to IUPUC is beyond reproach. Susan assists with everything from student advising to the marketing of prospective students. Susan champions programs she feels will increase student’s success. Susan is continually working to help students become comfortable with the IUPUC experience. She sees potential in every student. Susan embodies our strategy of being a welcoming campus. She is a key partner in the nursing program initiative to help expand our regional impact. Susan is a huge asset to this organization."


Georgia Miller said about Carla Laymon:

"Carla’s warm, welcoming style is a model for our IUPUC image—her door is always open and inviting. You will often see her listening to students, faculty, and visitors to campus, helping them find their way, whether that is a solution to a problem or finding a destination. Recently, she helped two students find portable keyboards for their music appreciation class!

In addition to doing her job as the Vice Chancellor’s administrative assistant incredibly well, Carla goes well beyond that this year by also providing admin support for the two Special Assistants to the VC and for two or three Search and Screen Committees. She represents us on the AMCE Dedication committee (getting ready to host the Governor and the IU President, along with other VIPs) and also serves as President of Staff Council.

Carla is a superb example of going above and beyond the job to do what is best for the campus. Let’s take this opportunity to thank her for her fine service and demonstrated commitment to IUPUC."


Steven Schmidt said about Christina Kelley:

"Christina is a vital member of our team. She consistently goes above and beyond what is expected of her to make sure the library runs smoothly and that our students, staff and faculty all receive the best possible service. One of the most impressive aspects of Christina’s work is the rapport she builds with our work-study students. They are such an important part of the library’s operations and Christina does an excellent job managing them. She knows each of the students’ strengths and capitalizes on those strengths to help keep the library running smoothly. She is also a confidant to many of the students and has been very helpful to those who have gone through tough times academically or personally.

In addition, Christina works constantly at identifying ways to make the library operate more efficiently. One example is her development of a checklist to help all of us remember all of the tasks we must complete to open and close the library. I feel Christina is among the most reliable and caring people I know and these aspects of her personality are a big part of the successful day-to-day operations of our library."


Denny Wilhelm said about Ryan Brand:

"Cheryl is a key member of the registrar team. She consistently goes above and beyond. For months during the hiring process, Cheryl supported the work of the registrar’s office in a capacity well outside of her role. She completed reports, provided service to students, assisted faculty, handled residency issues, and sat on numerous committees. She consistently works to improve efficiency in our office and maintain the quality of the services that we provide. She is always willing to take on new projects. She is very reliable and a big part of the day-to-day operations of the registrar's office."

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