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Contact Cris Craig at 812.348.7361 or criscrai@iupuc.edu if you need purchasing assistance.



Indiana University's Office of Procurement Services has established a number of policies, guidelines, and processes to ensure faculty, staff, and students engage in ethical, efficient, and effective spending when conducting university business. Please explore this office's Web site for current information about purchasing, contracts, policies, training, using P-cards, and other resources.

IUPUC faculty, staff, and students should know and follow these policies when using university funds to purchase products, goods, or services. The policies include using IU-approved vendors for all purchases. When it relates to making a purchase with university funds, please remember:

  • Only authorized personnel may enter into purchasing agreements or sign contracts for services on behalf of the university.
  • The first step is always to obtain written price quotes (see below).
  • For more information and assistance about purchasing at IUPUC, contact Cris Craig at 812.348.7361.

Purchasing Overview

In general, please follow these steps when making purchases at IUPUC. If you don't understand the process or have questions, seek guidance before taking action.

STEP 1: Obtain a Written Quote or Cost Estimate

In order to request that a purchase order (P.O.) request be generated, you must first obtain a written quote or cost estimate from an approved vendor. If you are unsure whether a specific vendor has been approved for university purchases, or if the product, good, or service you need can only be obtained from one vendor, contact Cris Craig at 812.348.7361.

  • Quotes must be in writing and include the name and contact information of the vendor. They should include details like the quantity, item number, model number, size, color, cost, etc. of the item(s) to be purchased and the date by which the items are to be received.
  • Quotes can be sent to you via e-mail as a PDF document for maximum ease and convenience.

STEP 2: Request a Purchase Order

At Indiana University and at IUPUC, the standard method for making purchases is by requesting a P.O.

  • After you have received a written quote from an approved vendor, submit it along with a Purchase Order Request Form to Cris Craig and ask that a P.O. request be generated.
  • Until your request is approved and a P.O. number has been generated, you may  not move forward.
  • Purchase orders can be for a single, one-time purchase or they can be for multiple purchases from the same vendor during the same fiscal year, which always begins on July 1 and ends on June 30.
  • If you need to make multiple purchases during the fiscal year, such as to replenish glass beakers for a chemistry lab, ask for a recurring P.O.
  • After your request is approved, the P.O. will be transmitted to the vendor.  This process should generate the order, but you can ask Cris Craig for confirmation of the PO number if needed.
  • Contact Cris Craig in the Division of Administration and Finance for assistance with the P.O. approval and payment process.

Procurement Cards

Procurement cards, also known as P-cards, are credit cards that are issued to approved personnel who can use them for authorized purchases under $1,000. 

  • Typically, P-cards are used for conference registrations, membership fees, one-time purchases from suppliers who are not in the university's purchasing system, and emergency purchases from suppliers who are in the Kuali system.
  • These cards may not be used to purchase gases or controlled substances.
  • Please consult with Cris Craig in the Office of Finance if you have any questions about using your P-card.
  • Please submit a procurement card purchase form with every P-card purchase.

Please note:  continued misuse of the procurement card, such as purchasing items that can be obtained from contractual vendors and making purchases with tax charged, will result in a loss of p-card privileges.

Food & Catering

  • If you want to arrange for food or catering services, please contact Becky Stephens at 812.348.7202 before making arrangements. You will need to allow at least 2 weeks before your event in order for Becky to have the proper paperwork and procedures in place.  She will assist and advise you about the policy and your options for food service at IUPUC.
  • If you are hosting a meeting, conference, event, or other official university function, please be aware that the purchase of beverages, snacks, meals, and other food items are also subject to university policy.

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