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Do you have questions about paying your tuition bill, getting a parking permit, purchasing supplies with university funds, shipping a package, or travel for university business?  Contact the Office of Administration and Finance.  We're here to help.

ImgCerrie Butler
Administrative Payroll and Finance Clerk
Phone: 812.348.7373 | E-mail:
Office: CC Room 157A
ImgNaomi Cohenour
Executive Director
Phone: 812.348.7365 | E-mail:
Office: CC Room 157B
ImgCris Craig
Purchasing Clerk
Phone: 812.348.7361 | E-mail:
Office: CC Room 157D
ImgRobbie Shaw
Bursar Accounts Representative
Phone: 812.348.7224 | E-mail:
Office: CC Room 157D

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4601 Central Avenue
Columbus, IN 47203

Phone: 812.348.7311

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