The Faculty Senate’s Nominations Committee assists the vice chancellor and other university leaders in selecting faculty to serve on various administrative committees.

The committee’s charge includes:

  1. This committee shall assist the vice chancellor and dean in selecting faculty to serve on administrative committees.
  2. This committee shall nominate faculty members for positions as elected by the faculty of IUPUC: President of the faculty, IUPUC representative to the IUPUI Faculty Council, and the Nominations Committee.
  3. This committee shall establish election procedures and certify results to the senate and the faculty.
  4. This committee shall solicit from each academic division the names of faculty nominated for membership on the Unit Promotion and Tenure Board, the Grievance Board, the Academic Affairs Committee, the Budgetary & Resources Policy Committee, the Nominations Committee, the faculty members of the Student Affairs Committee, and the Constitution & Bylaws Committee.
  5. This committee shall nominate faculty members to serve as chairs of standing committees for election by the senate, as provided in Section V, C through F, of these bylaws.
  6. This committee shall maintain records of membership of faculty boards and committees, and establish patterns of rotation of terms.
  7. This committee shall annually solicit from the faculty information concerning faculty preferences and qualifications for committee assignments.
  8. The committee will verify in every case that any nomination is made with the prior consent of the person(s) nominated.

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