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For full details about the Grievance Board's official policies and procedures, download the IUPUC Faculty Grievance Board Procedures.


Grievance Board

The Faculty Senate’s Grievance Board hears grievance cases relate to individual rights, benefits, working conditions, appointment, tenure, promotion, reassignment, and other issues brought to it by IUPUC faculty members.

After hearing cases, the board recommends action to appropriate administrators. A report on the board's recommendations is sent to all grievants, with copies to the vice chancellor and dean as well as the president of the faculty.


These individuals are members of the Grievance Board, with the year in which their term expires appearing in parentheses. Click the links to e-mail these board members.

  • Jim Clack (2017)
  • Emily Dill (2018)
  • Jennifer Conner-Zachocki (2018)
  • Katherine WIlls (2017)
  • Cheryl Crisp (2017)
  • Frank Wadsworth (2018)

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