General Education

These individuals are current members of IUPUC's Academic Affairs Committee (the year their term expires is in parentheses).

  • Doug Gardner, chair (2018)
  • Chris Brandon (2019)
  • A'ame Joslin (2019)
  • Shannon Love (2018)
  • Andrea Gillett (2018)
  • Debra Winikates, ex-officio
  • Gary Felsten, ex-officio

Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Committee reviews and advises IUPUC's Faculty Senate on matters like improving instruction, grades and grading, scholastic probation, academic dismissal and reinstatement, standards for admission, academic placement, the academic calendar, policies for scheduling classes, honors programs, general educational policy, general research policies, military training programs, and interdepartmental and interinstitutional research and educational programs. 

The committee also reviews and recommends action on all new undergraduate course offerings; reviews and recommends action on all new undergraduate programs or degrees prior to proper administrative action; reviews and recommends action on the deletion of any undergraduate course, program, or degree; and coordinates all undergraduate curricula at IUPUC, reserving for divisions the right to act on curricular matters and alterations of programs and degrees.

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