Faculty Development Awards Application Process

The Office of the Vice Chancellor and Dean has allocated funds for the Faculty Development Awards program. The primary purpose of the awards is to support faculty travel to present research findings at professional conferences. Awards may also be granted for certain aspects of course development, such as travel associated with developing an overseas study course; for minor research-related expenses that would significantly enhance a faculty member’s ability to conduct research; and for other purposes that support faculty development.

The maximum award for an individual faculty member is $1000 per academic year and faculty members must first exhaust their share of division funds and applicable funds available through IU to be eligible. The application process for Faculty Development funds is as follows:

  • The faculty member provides a brief written request to the division head describing the purpose of the funds and the amount requested.
  • The division head reviews the request and forwards it along with a statement of support to the associate dean for academic affairs. The support statement should briefly describe the benefits of the development activity to the faculty member and the division and include a recommended total award amount and any contribution the division will make toward that amount.
  • The associate dean for academic affairs reviews the request and support statement and decides whether or not to fund the request, and may adjust the amount awarded.

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