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Student Affairs

The Office of Student Affairs is a clearinghouse for a variety of services and resources needed by IUPUC students. We develop, deliver, direct, and manage the following services.

  • Academic Resource Center (ARC): If you need tutoring assistance for math, science, and writing assignments, learn more about the ARC, located in LC Room 1616.
  • Adaptive Educational Services (AES): If you have a short- or long-term physical challenge that affects your ability to have a successful educational experience, apply for AES assistance.
  • Career services: We can help you find an internship, write a resume, prepare for job interviews and more! Visit the Office of Career Services in LC Room 1200.
  • Dean of Students: We can help you maintain IUPUC Community Standards and report any Academic or Personal Misconduct. Visit the Dean of Students in LC Room 1200.
  • Student grievances: If you encounter challenges in interacting with a fellow student or a member of our faculty and staff, your concern may be referred to the dean of students.
  • Student involvement: The Office of Student Involvement provides campus programming that engages you in meaningful ways, enabling you to explore and celebrate your talents and passions!

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Phone: 812.348.7311

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