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The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) provides training and instructional support for faculty, students, and staff who want to use the latest in Indiana University technologies for teaching and learning. Services include group and individual training, professional development facilities, and consulting on a variety of technology and tools.


Oncourse is Indiana University's Web-based tool for teaching, learning, and collaboration. Oncourse enables faculty who want to create a class, Web sites and use online technology to share course syllabi, grades, establish discussion forums and chat rooms, deliver online quizzes, take student surveys, and more.

The Oncourse Knowledge Base  has printable PDF materials for common teaching and learning tasks and tools.


Indiana University has selected Canvas by Instructure as the successor to Oncourse. Starting April 1, Canvas accounts are available for faculty and staff upon request. The platform will also be available for summer 2014 courses and IU Online course development.

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All the materials listed are accessible via the Canvas Help Center

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Next @IU

Learning technologies are always evolving. As students evolve, so do the systems and tools that shape the way we engage, educate, and inspire them.

Next.IU is a program to discover what might be next for teaching and learning technologies at Indiana University. The Next trials do more than explore the latest trends. They investigate the tools and approaches that best support IU's pursuit of excellence in the classroom and beyond.


Courseload is a digital materials distribution and learning collaboration tool that provides textbooks and other resources in digital form. Students and instructors in participating classes can access Courseload through Oncourse. Courseload is available as part of IU's eTexts Initiative.

Learn how to use Courseload's electronic textbooks.

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