Summer 2017 Tutoring information
Summer 2017 Math Assistance schedules can be picked up in the ARC. You do not need to sign in if you would like to just pick up a schedule.

Math Assistance

From fractions to finite math, integers to integrals, derivations to derivatives, and more—our tutors make these concepts clear and easier for you to master. If you need assistance with algebra, finite math, calculus, and statistics, we provide it in the areas of homework assignments, exam preparation, and mathematical concepts. We can help you achieve success in math!

General Information

To make the most of your math tutoring session at the Academic Resource Center (ARC), please:

  • Have specific questions in mind about what you need help with before you arrive.
  • Bring all of your notes, textbooks, and supporting materials so your tutor has a complete picture of the course content and how it relates to your assignment or exam preparation.
  • Try to complete as many of homework problems as possible in advance of your session. Don't come to your session and expect a tutor to help you complete each problem without first having tried to solve as many of them as you can.
  • Sorry, but we cannot provide tutoring assistance for extra-credit assignments or take-home exams.

Contact, Address and Additional Links


4601 Central Avenue
Columbus, IN 47203

Phone: 812.348.7311

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