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Are You Ready?

Do you have enough and the right kind of credit hours at IUPUC to graduate with an Indiana University or Purdue University degree?

If you believe you are almost ready for graduation, please complete this graduation application form. Your advisor will be asked to review your academic records and to confirm your near-ready status. Your name will then be added to our commencement list and you will receive information about the upcoming IUPUC Commencement Day Celebration held in May. If later on your information changes, do not submit a new application. Please send your corrections and updates to cynscott@iupuc.edu in Registrar Services.

Congratulations on your academic achievement! We look forward to helping you celebrate the completion of your degree.

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   NOTE: It is important that you notify your division advisor and the Office of Registrar Services of any changes in your name.
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I understand that the results of graduation audits and other important correspondence will be sent to my official university e-mail account. If I am unable to access my university e-mail account, I will contact the University Information Technology Services immediately to have the issue corrected.
I understand that all grades must be recorded on my Indiana University transcript by the transcript effective date in the semester of graduation. Coursework that shows Incomplete and grades not-yet-submitted as of the transcript effective date may not count toward graduation in that semester.
It is ultimately my responsibility to ensure that I meet all requirements for my degree prior to graduation. I am aware that advisors in each division are available to assist me in choosing coursework in a manner that will give me the best chance of graduating in the planned semester.
I give permission to the Center of Business and Economic Development (CBED) at IUPUC to share my contact information (name, phone, e-mail, degree type, and mailing address) with local potential employers who are seeking recent university graduates. Distribution of this information by IUPUC will be limited to the first twelve months after graduation.

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