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Tourism Management

If you want a career in managing large and small event venues, national conventions, corporate conferences, or major hotels in a variety of exciting locations, an Indiana University Bachelor of Science in Tourism, Conventions, and Event Management (TCEM) may be right for you.

You can complete a substantial portion of the general education, elective, and other courses required for a TCEM degree at IUPUC before transferring to the School of Physical Education and Tourism Management (PETM) at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) to complete the program.

In this case, you will work closely with your UCOL advisor to develop a personal plan of study and ensure a smooth experience.

TCEM-G 100 Introduction to the Tourism Industry (3 cr.)   Travel, trends, travel-modes, and economic impact on destination area. Emphasis on local, regional, and national tourism.

TCEM-T 208 Global Tourism Geography (3 cr.)  [P:TCEM 172]   Analysis of U.S. and world travel destinations, including the exploration of principal geographic features, population centers and attractions, customs and traditions, habits, festivals, and events, as these relate to the hospitality and travel industry. The major airline and airport/city codes in North America and overseas are also covered.

TCEM-T 234 Cultural Heritage Tourism (3 cr.)   Cultural and heritage tourism balances visitor interests and needs against protecting cultural and heritage resources. This course examines the range of cultural and heritage assets that can become viable tourism attractions and looks at ways of linking quality cultural heritage tourism to community development. Special emphasis will be placed on Indiana cultural and heritage tourism

TCEM-T 319 Sports Tourism Development (3 cr.)   

TCEM-T 329 Sports Tourism Marketing (3 cr.)   

TCEM-T 382 Travel Trends and Destinations (3 cr.)   Development of an understanding of the patterns, principles and management of international travel to popular tourist destinations.

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