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Physical Education

You can complete many general education and elective courses required for a physical education degree at IUPUC and then transfer to the School of Physical Education & Tourism Management (PETM) at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) to complete the degree program.

If you want to ean an Indiana University degree in exercise science, fitness management and personal training, sports management, or a related field, you will work closely with your UCOL advisor to develop a personal plan of study and ensure a smooth transfer experience.

The former School of Health, Physical Education and Recreation (or HPER for short) was renamed the School of Physical Education & Tourism Management (PETM). Course descriptions still use the HPER designation, however.

HPER Courses

HPER-E 135 Golf (1 cr.)   Beginning instruction in techniques for putting, chipping, pitching, iron swing, and wood stroke. Course includes rules and etiquette of golf. Students play on par-3 courses. Fee charged.

HPER-E 190 Yoga (1 cr.)   Introduction to the basic principles and techniques of yoga.

HPER-H 160 First Aid and Emergency Care (3 cr.)   Lecture and demonstration of first-aid measures for wounds, hemorrhage, burns, exposure, sprains, dislocations, fractures, unconscious conditions, suffocation, drowning, and poisons, with skill training in all procedures.

HPER-P 290 Movement Experiences for Preschool and Elementary School Children  (3 cr.)   Covers potential outcomes of preschool and elementary school motor development programs, how to implement such programs, and appropriate movement experiences for young children.

HPER-R 110 Compass, GPA, & Search Applications (1 cr.)   Provides an introduction to Global Positioning System (GPS) application skills including GPS setup, waypoint entry, and route setup. Class meets two dates in classroom on campus and off campus for field lab. Students must provide own transportation to lab and clothing/footwear appropriate for physically challenging outdoor activities. Optional primitive camping available at no charge; students must bring own camping equipment.

HPER-R 129 Night Map, Compass, & GPS (1 cr.)   Experiential course involving mentally and physically challenging activities at night. Students will learn to read and use a topographic map, compass, and GPS device to determine locations and follow bearings in backcountry at night. Students will problem solve within a team and reflect on self-concept, connection to community, and place in the environment. Class meets on campus then travels off campus for coursework and field lab exercises. Primitive camping provided onsite at no charge. Students must provide own transportation, camping equipment, and clothing/footwear appropriate for physically challenging outdoor activities conducted at night.

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