Why Start at IUPUC?

Taking as many classes as possible in Columbus is a good choice for many students. Why? By living at home, you'll save money on rent and commuting. You can take out fewer student loans, reducing your loan debt to repay after graduation. You can keep your job while taking classes on a full-time or part-time basis. And if you have family responsibilities, taking classes on a campus that is close to home is convent.

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Engineering Technology

The Purdue University School of Engineering & Technology at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) offers a range of engineering and technology degrees in subjects like biomedical engineering, electrical and computer engineering, computer information and graphics technology, architectural technology, computer engineering technology, construction engineering, interior design technology, motorsporte engineering, music technology, and more.

Although these degrees aren't offered in Columbus, you can complete many general education and elective courses at IUPUC before transferring to IUPUI.

If your goal is to earn a Purdue University engineering or technology degree, you will work closely with a UCOL advisor to develop a personal plan of study while at IUPUC to ensure a smooth transfer to the degree program of your choice at IUPUI.

Engineering Technology Courses

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