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Always consult with your UCOL advisor about what courses to take for your degree program and when. 

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Course Descriptions

Some IUPUC students are taking classes toward a degree that can't be completed in its entirety at IUPUC.

If this describes you, you are a University College (UCOL) student until you apply for admission to IUPUI or another IU campus to complete the required courses for that degree.

Explore these descriptions of courses for which degrees are not offered at IUPUC:

University College Courses

As a UCOL student, you will complete these courses at IUPUC.

UCOL-U 110 First-Year Seminar (1-2 cr.)   All learning communities share a common set of learning objectives that address issues of transition to the university environment. This first-year seminar is offered in a variety of formats, including a freestanding one credit course, a similar course linked to a general education requirement, and with the transition learning objectives embedded in a departmental introductory course. Learning communities are designed to assist entering students as they form connections with the IUPUI community, including other students, faculty, and advisors in a prospective major. Different learning community formats are sponsored by the various academic units, and the learning community may consist of a single course or a pair of linked courses.

UCOL-U 210 CAREER CONNECTIONS (- cr.)   This course is designed to assist University College students in the major/career exploration and selection process. Especially targeted are students who are beyond their first year with less than 56 credit hours and who want or need to change majors or to declare a major. The course is designed to help students develop and execute a personalized plan of major and career exploration. This will be encouraged by using the first eight weeks of weekly class meetings to develop an individualized exploration contract and then using the second eight weeks to implement that plan outside of class. Students will also meet individually with the instructor and academic/career advisor. Through the course emphasis on experiential learning, students will be making connections with people, activities, and resources that will facilitate a more realistic approach to major/career decision making.

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