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"This is the beginning of your college career and for most students that are coming from high school, it is exciting and high-anxiety because you are out in the real world now. Take it in, breathe, exhale, and you'll do great. Traditional and non-traditional students need to take advantage of the support system on campus and learn to create rapport with their professors."

Major: Business with a Finance concentration

Career Goal:  To work in finance doing statistics with forecasting and regression for a Fortune 500 company.

Hometown: Lafayette, IN

Favorite Campus Tradition: Pride Friday

Most-Used Campus Resource: Faculty/Professors

I am a Peer Mentor because I have been where the students are. We all have. I want them to know that I can become their voice and I want to make sure that they are important.

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4601 Central Avenue
Columbus, IN 47203

Phone: 812.348.7311

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