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If you are interested in earning a psychology minor at IUPUC, contact the Division of Science for the application form. Return completed forms to the division main office in CC Room 160.

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Transfer Credit

You may apply psychology credits for classes taken at other institutions toward this minor, but must earn a minimum of six credit hours toward the total required at IUPUC. Credits from correspondence courses are not accepted for this minor.


Minor in Psychology

You can earn a minor in psychology at IUPUC to complement your major area of study, such as a sociology, nursing, education, or communication studies degree program.

Although most employers are more interested in your college major than any minor you may have earned, do not discount the potential edge in a competitive job market that a well-selected academic minor can provide. In some cases, having a psychology minor could make a prospective employer choose you over another qualified candidate competing for the same position.

Required Courses

A total of 18 credit hours or six classes is required to earn a psychology minor at IUPUC.

1.  Introductory psychology (two courses totaling six credit hours)

  • PSY-B 104: Psychology as a Social Science
  • PSY-B 105: Psychology as a Biological Science

2.  Core (three of any 11 courses totaling at least nine credit hours)

  • PSY-B 307: Tests and Measurement
  • PSY-B 310: Life Span Development
  • PSY-B 320: Behavioral Neuroscience
  • PSY-B 334: Perception
  • PSY-B 340: Cognition
  • PSY-B 344: Learning
  • PSY-B 356: Motivation
  • PSY-B 358: Intro to Industrial/Organizational Psychology
  • PSY-B 370: Social Psychology
  • PSY-B 380: Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY-B 424: Life Span Development

3. Elective (one additional course totaling three credits)

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