Should You Choose a BA or BS Degree?

To discuss the differences between the BA or the BS degrees in psychology and determine which is the right fit for you, please make an appointment with our psychology advisor:


As a psychology student at IUPUC, you will complete a practicum in child psychology, community psychology, or group dynamics and can earn course credit while working in real-world settings. Practicums provide you with networking opportunities to good professional contacts in a variety of work settings.


Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology

Psychology seeks to answer a range of behaviors in children, teens, and adults by exploring social challenges to understand the spectrum of experiences that motivate and make humans unique.

What is Psychology?

Psychology is a science that studies behavior and mental processes. Behavior consists of actions and mental processes, including perceptions, thoughts, and feelings. Understanding human behavior is essential for improving the quality of life of individuals and improving relationships within and between societies.

There are many areas within psychology and many types of psychologists, including those who seek new knowledge or apply their understanding of psychology to solve problems and improve the way things work. To learn more about this fascinating field, take a few moments to explore the American Psychological Association Web site, where you’ll find information about:

Why Earn a BS in Psychology?

The Bachelor of Science (BS) in Psychology degree will provide you with a strong background in the biological and physical sciences. If you are interested in specialized fields (like medicine, dentistry, neuroscience, or psychopharmacology) that require additional study in graduate school, this program may be a good fit for you.

Students in this program take more chemistry, biology, physics, and other lab-based courses in addition to math courses like statistics and courses on research methodologies.

Potential Career Paths

With a BS in psychology you will be prepared to pursue a variety of career options in fields like social services, forensic psychology, or research.

  • Case management at a governmental or nonprofit agency specializing in health care, housing, job training, or mental health services.
  • Adult/juvenile probation programs, rehabilitation programs for the incarcerated, and other programs for defendants in the court system who are challenged with mental illness.
  • Social psychology, child development, cognitive psychology, and adolescent psychology in a school system. With education certification, teaching at the primary or secondary level is another option.
  • Research assistant at a hospital, university, psychiatric institute participating in clinical trials or data collection or magement.

If you are interested in clinical practice, you will also be prepared for graduate study to become a licensed mental health counselor, psychologist, physician, dentist, or physical therapist. Earning a master’s or PhD degree may also be right for you if you want to teach at the university or college level.

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