Student Practicum

As a psychology student at IUPUC, you will complete a practicum in child psychology, community psychology, or group dynamics and can earn course credit while working in real-world settings. Practicums provide you with networking opportunities to good professional contacts in a variety of work settings.

Research Grants

The Office of Student Research at IUPUC offers $1,000 research grants for promising student research grants. Funded projects are presented by students and their faculty mentors during a research exhibition at the end of each academic year. If your project is funded, you will serve as the principal investigator or play an important equivalent role. For information, contact Professor Julie Goodspeed-Chadwick ( at 812.348.7270 or in CC Room 148.


Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology

Psychology seeks to explore the range of behaviors in children, teens, and adults by exploring social challenges to understand the spectrum of experiences that motivate and make humans unique.

What is Psychology?

Understanding human behavior is essential for improving the quality of life of individuals and improving relationships within and between societies.

Psychology is a science that studies behavior and mental processes. Behavior consists of actions and mental processes, including perceptions, thoughts, and feelings.

There are many areas within psychology and many types of psychologists. To learn more about this fascinating field, take a few moments to explore the American Psychological Association  Web site, where you’ll find information about:

Why Earn a BA in Psychology?

Earning a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Psychology at IUPUC will provide you with a broad background in the history, theories, research methods, and practical applications of contemporary psychology.

A flexible degree, the BA enables you to complete courses in psychology as well as other subject areas. If you choose this major, you will take more liberal arts courses (like anthropology, English, foreign language, history, literature, sociology, or women’s studies classes, for example) than those who pursue the BS in psychology. 

Potential Career Paths

The BA degree is a good choice if you have a strong interest in psychology but also want to explore possible careers in business, communications, education, health care, law, or political science. Upon graduation, you will be prepared for careers such as:

  • Behavioral analyst or case manager in a mental health clinic or healthcare facility
  • Group home manager or a substance abuse counselor for public and private human and social service agencies
  • Child development coordinator working with kids and teens with physical, emotional, or learning challenges
  • Employee relations, labor relations, or human resources specialist
  • Law enforcement or probation officer in municipal government
  • Financial aid counselor, academic advisor, or alumni relations manager at a college
  • Advertising, marketing, sales, and public relations in public and private business enterprises

Some students who earn a BA in psychology go on to graduate school and earn a master's or PhD degree in psychology, counseling, law, medicine, occupational therapy, physical therapy, or genetic counseling, just to name a few. Others want to teach in colleges and universities and others want to engage in research.

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