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PHYS 15200 Mechanics (4 cr.)   Fall, day; Spring, day, night; Summer, day. Statics, uniform and accelerated motion; Newton's laws; circular motion; energy, momentum, and conservation principles; dynamics of rotation; gravitation and planetary motion; properties of matter; and simple harmonic and wave motion. For more information, visit our Web page at

PHYS 20000 Our Physical Environment (3 cr.)   Fall, night; Spring, night. A nonmathematical introduction to physical concepts and methods by means of examples from daily life and current technological applications.

PHYS 21800 General Physics (4 cr.)   Fall, night; Spring, night; Summer, day. Mechanics, conservation laws, gravitation; simple harmonic motion and waves; kinetic theory, heat, and thermodynamics for students in technology fields.

PHYS 21900 General Physics (4 cr.)   Fall, night; Spring, night; Summer, day. Electricity, light, and modern physics.

PHYS 25100 Heat, Electricity, and Optics (5 cr.)   Fall, day, night; spring, day; summer, day. Heat, kinetic theory, elementary thermodynamics, and heat transfer. Electrostatics, electrical currents and devices. Magnetism and electromagnetic radiation. Optics. For more information, visit the Web site at

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