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  • Shannon Love, MSN, RN, CMSRN, CHSE
    Director, Simulation Center, Clinical Assistant Professor
  • Carrie Shaver, MA
    Director, Regional Healthcare Pipeline

IU School of Nursing at IUPUC
4601 Central Avenue, CC Room 251
Columbus, IN 47203

Phone: 812.348.7250


Simulation Center

The IUPUC Simulation Center is leading with excellence through education in simulation, powered by innovation and close collaboration with key educational, business, and civic partners. Our vision is to become the South Central Indiana regional educational and training site for practitioners across disciplines dedicatedto the advancement of quality of life in our community.

We aim to meet regional experiential education and training needs through innovation, collaboration, and community engagement while preparing learners for a global workforce. The center provides evidence based practices rooted in a welcoming and safe environment with a focus on the development of clinical skills and judgment, empathy, and competent intercultural communication. Learner participants are prepared to become critical and innovative thinkers and culturally sensitive, knowledgeable practitioners. Faculty and staff strive to maintain the core values of Indiana University School of Nursing (IUSON) of respect, trust, responsibility, and dialogue. 

Simulation Center Features

  • Skills lab with eight patient care rooms
  • Clinical exam room
  • Two simulation rooms divided by a control room with mirrored windows for viewing
    • Simulation Room One is an OB/pediatric setting
    • Simulation Room Two is an OB/ER setting
  • Two debriefing rooms
  • Realistically stocked medical and code charts
  • Four high fidelity manikins


  • Simman
    • Vocal sounds
    • Realistic heart, lung, and bowel sounds
    • Adjustable airway and pulmonary mechanics
    • Chest compressions/CPR
    • Urinary catheterization
    • Carotid, femoral, brachial, and radial pulse
    • Pulse oximeter finger probe
  • Nursing Anne
    • Tracheostomy care and tracheal suctioning
    • Nasogastric (NG) tube insertion care
    • Wound assessment
    • Urinary catheterization
  • MegaCode Kid
    • Vocal sounds
    • Intubation, oral and nasal
    • Manually generated carotid pulse
    • Heart, lung, and bowel sounds
  • Nursing Baby
    • Normal and abnormal heart, lung, and bowel sounds for auscultation
    • Gastronomy tube opening
    • Interchangeable genitalia for urinary catheterization
    • Normal, bulging, and depressed fontanelles
    • Simulated lungs, and stomach for nasogastric (NG), orogastric (OG), and tracheal care

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4601 Central Avenue
Columbus, IN 47203

Phone: 812.348.7311

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