Scholarship Awards

MHC offers several annual scholarships to assist your academic and professional development.  These scholarships provide support to those of you who excel in academics, have diverse professional experiences and interests, or express exceptional financial need.  We recommend you review the scholarship matrix  for additional information.  Requirements for eligibility are listed below.  Upon receiving the award, you must continue to meet the criteria for eligibility to receive scholarship disbursements.  We encourage you to apply and complete the application by the posted deadline.  Awards are announced for the upcoming academic year with disbursements occurring during the fall and spring semesters.

Student Eligibility:

  •  Academic, Financial, and Service/Practice/Research based scholarship applicants must be a degree seeking, full-time student, which is defined as completing > 8 credits in each of the Fall and Spring semesters
  • Advanced Students are defined as those students who have passed comprehensive exams and/or intend to take comprehensive exams within the next academic year and have successfully completed any required remediation.
  • Underserved Population Based scholarships are available to any MHC student, including part-time, nontraditional, non-degree seeking, career-changing students, and/or full-time students.
  • Student applicants for scholarship(s) must have an overall GPA ≥ 3.3 (B+) and no graduate course grade ≤ 2.7 (B-)
  • No disciplinary or ethical issues during MHC program enrollment
  • Full-time students must timely complete the required FAFSA
  • Work-study students will be considered for scholarship awards

Award Rules:

  •  Criteria for academic based scholarships are determined by academic record. Faculty will obtain this information from student records. No application is required for these awards.
  • GPA and GRE are weighted equally in first year academic based scholarships
  • Applications will be reviewed and awarded by faculty majority vote. Ties between scores could be broken or partial scholarships awarded to tied applicants as determined by faculty majority vote.
  • Previous awards are not guaranteed for subsequent academic years. New applications and student records (e.g., GPA) will determine future awards.
  • An award specific essay will be included as part of the application process (with the exception of academic based scholarships). See the Scholarship Application for additional information.

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