Registering for Classes

Thoughtful preparation before you register for your mechanical engineering courses will ensure you have a good experience.

  • Always consult with your academic advisor about the courses you want to take before you register.
  • Your advisor will recommend and suggest courses based on your degree requirements.
  • The courses offered each semester at IUPUC are posted online in the Schedule of Classes. Use this list to select the classes you want to take, noting the class number and any special instructions or requirements listed. Take this list with you to your advising appointment or consult with your advisor or the division offering the course if you need permission to register.

Course Sequences

All courses required for the IUPUI Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME) degree can be completed in Columbus.

The BSME classes are specifically sequenced as introductory, intermediate, and senior-level capstone engineering courses that build upon each other in each of the four years during the program. Hands-on engineering laboratories complement the core courses (i.e., required courses that are not elective).

The suggested course sequences are listed below. Although it is possible to complete the degree in four years, some students may take longer to complete the program. The courses in the program are rigorous and some students may take fewer credits per semester than suggested here.

Recommended Course Sequencing for BSME Students*

* Course sequences are subject to change

Freshman Year: 30 Credits

ENGR 195 Introduction to Engineering Prof. 1
ENGR 196 Introduction to Engineering CAD 3
MATH 165 Calculus I 4
CHEM 105 Chemistry I 3
COMM 110 Fundamentals of Speech 3
Total 14
ENGR 197 Intro. to Programming Concepts 2
MATH 166 Calculus II 4
MATH 171 Multidimentional Mathematics 3
PHYS 152 Mechanics 4
ENG 131 Elementary Composition I 3
Total 16

Sophomore Year: 32 Credits

ME 200 Thermodynamics I 3
ME 270 Basic Mechanics I 3
MATH 261 Multivariate Calculus 4
PHYS 251 Heat, Electricity, and Optics 5
ENGR 297 Computer Tools MatLab 1
Total 16
ECE 204 Introduction to Electrical Circuits 4
ME 262 Engr. Design, Ethics & Entrepreneurship  3
ME 274 Basic Mechanics II 3
MATH 266 Ordinary Differential Equations 3
ECON 201 Introduction to Microeconomics (or ME 327 Engr. Economics) 3
Total 16

Junior Year: 33 Credits

ME 272 Mechanics of Materials 3
ME 310 Fluid Mechanics 4
ME 330 Modeling Analysis of Dynamic Systems 3
STAT 350 Intro. to Statistics 3
GEN ED General Education Elective 3
Total 16
ME 314 Heat and Mass Transfer 4
ME 340 Dynamic Systems and Measurements 3
ME 344 Introduction to Engineering Materials 3
ME 372 Design of Mechanisms 3
ME 397 Mechanical Engineering Lab 1
GEN ED General Education Elective 3
Total 17

Senior Year: 33 Credits

ME 414 Thermal-Fluid Systems Design 3
ME 482 Control Systems Analysis & Design 3
ME ELECT ME Tech Elective 3
ME ELECT ME Tech Elective 3
GEN ED General Education Elective 3
GEN ED General Education Elective 3
Total 18
ME 405 FE Review 1
ME 462 Capstone Design Project 3
TCM 360 Communication in Engineering Practice 2
ME ELECT ME Tech Elective 3
ELECT Science/Tech Elective 3
ELECT Restricted Elective 3
Total 15

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