Pre- and Post-Travel Classes
 Course includes five (5) pre-travel Wednesday classes at IUPUC from February 12—March 12 and three (3) post-travel Wednesday classes from March 26—April 9, 2014.
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ENG-L 373: English & American Literature

London, Stratford-Upon-Avon, Oxford, and Bath: March 14-22, 2014

This three-credit course (ENGL-L 373: Interdisciplinary Approaches to English & American Literature—American Popular Culture and the British Literary Landscape) is an intertextual, interdisciplinary study of five British literary giants: William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens, Jane Austen, Lewis Carroll, and J.K. Rowling, each of whom profoundly influenced American literature and popular culture.

You will travel to the United Kingdom to study and explore the lives, times, and works of these great authors—including the critical responses they received during their lifetimes—in their native milieus. You will identify the scope of influence these authors have had on modern American literary and popular genres, such as novels, films, and stage productions.

In addition, you will experience the towns where these authors lived and worked, including a Dickensian walking tour of London. You will take guided tours of Britain's renowned National Theatre and Globe Theater and see The venues and production concepts of these performances will be explored to understand the ideas, aesthetics, content, and form of the British stage. Learn the basics of production practices, theatrical conventions, and thematic concerns embraced by those who direct, design, and perform in contemporary Britain.

Download and review the complete course syllabus.

Estimated Costs

The estimated cost of the trip is $2,995, plus the standard tuition and fees associated with registering for ENG-L 373. The trip includes:

  • Airfare
  • Ground transportation
  • Accommodations
  • Daily continental breakfast and four (4) dinners
  • Tours and admission to plays
  • Health insurance

You should plan to bring $200-$400 for meals not included in the program fee and personal expenses like shopping, souvenirs, or incidentals.

*Costs may vary depending on the exchange rate, when airfare is booked, and individual expenditures.

Financial Aid

  • Most financial aid may be applied to university-sponsored programs.
  • IUPUI or IU scholarships, grants, and loans applicable to program costs can be used toward expenses for this study-abroad trip.
  • Performance-based scholarships, guaranteed tuition certificates, fee courtesies, Indiana Higher Education Awards, and awards to children of disabled veterans are not applicable toward costs for the trip.


The instructor for this course is Dr. Lisa Siefker Bailey, lecturer in English, at IUPUC. Contact Dr. Bailey at or 812.348.7370. Education First (EF) College Study Tours will make all travel and lodging arrangements for course participants.

Applications: Due November 11, 2013

If you are ready to apply for this trip, please do so as soon as possible. The deadline for applications is November 11.

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