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Fall 2012 Program Requirements
Students admitted in the summer of 2013 or earlier use this degree planning sheet to help track your coursework.


The Indiana University Bachelor of Arts (BA) in History will provide you with an opportunity to better understand the human social condition through systematic study of the past.

As a history student, you will explore the richness of human cultures, combine investigation with interpretation, and seek explanations for the legacies that shape contemporary cultures and societies in the modern era.

IUPUC’s history courses cover a variety of time periods, geographical areas, and thematic focuses. Whether studying American or world history, you will strive to understand why certain events happened and with what consequences. Your studies will include exploration of peoples and places across time and space.

As a history student at IUPUC, you will discover and evaluate information in search of answers to historical questions. Research and inquiry into the historical causes and consequences of change will enable you to better understand the modern and complex present-day world.

To get a better feel for whether a degree or minor in history is right for you, please review these course descriptions.

Minor in History

To declare a minor in history, please review the course requirements and:

  • Download and complete an application form and return to Vicki Kruse in CC Room 162.
  • The completed application should be completed and submitted when you are enrolled in your final history class but before you graduate.

Earning a History Degree

You can begin work toward earning an Indiana University bachelor’s degree in history at IUPUC, completing a substantial portion of the required courses on our Columbus campus before transferring to Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) for the last year or so of coursework to finish the degree.

If you wish to pursue a history degree at IUPUC, you will work closely with your academic advisor to determine what courses can be completed at IUPUC and develop an appropriate timeline for transferring to IUPUI to complete the program requirements. You must be in good academic standing to transfer to another IU campus.

Career Options

As a history major, you will hone your skills in critical thinking, effective communication, and problem solving. You will also learn how individuals and groups manage change. You will also be highly skilled in the use of language and understanding, analyzing, and evaluating information.

These marketable skills can result in rewarding careers in business, government, and education, among others. Many history majors find jobs in business while some will become teachers, work in nonprofit organizations and foundations, local, state, and government agencies, or become journalists.

Other history majors choose graduate school and work toward a master’s or Ph.D. degree in law, political science, library science, museum studies, and other fields.

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