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After graduating from IUPUC, Emily served as an education coordinator for the Bartholomew County Solid Waste District, where she gave presentations to children, adults, and business leaders about ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Now a college recruiter in the supply chain division at Cummins Inc., she reviews candidate credentials, selects top talent for company interviews, and schedules recruitment events at universities. Her advice to students: “Study hard and complete an internship, if possible. Get involved on campus by taking on student leadership positions and participating in extracurricular activities.”

Emily Hodnett
Class of 2009, B.A. in communication studies
College recruiter, Cummins, Inc.


Communication Studies

Are you interested in developing and refining your communication skills for a tangible advantage leading to academic and personal success?

With an Indiana University Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communication Studies, you can open the door to an exciting area of study that will help you explore new ideas, find your voice, develop research skills, pursue honors-level coursework, and build a bright future!

At IUPUC, communication studies an integral part of the liberal arts. Our diverse curriculum focuses on communication theories, methods, and competencies in a variety of contexts, including rhetoric, public address, organizations, family, media, and theatre.

As a communication studies major, you will explore interpersonal, small group, organizational, public, and mass media communication in ways that will strengthen and enhance your critical inquiry, problem-solving, and conversational skills, all of which are essential for career success.

To get a better feel for whether BA in communication studies is right for you, explore our course descriptions.

Minor in Communication

If your goal is a career in business, nursing, engineering, or science, among others, knowing how to clearly communicate complex information is critical. A communication minor could be a great addition to your studies.

  • To declare a minor in communication studies, please download and complete this application form and return it to Vicki Kruse in CC Room 162.
  • This form should be completed and submitted before you graduate or no later than when you are enrolled in your final communication studies class.

Career Options

Because all aspects of the modern world in which we live rely on various forms of communication, an IU degree in communication studies will prepare you for careers in diverse fields. As a communication graduate, you could:

  • Work in public or media relations, marketing, sales, and advertising
  • Pursue creative work as a filmmaker, photographer, web developer, or graphic designer
  • Focus on writing, editing, or publishing
  • Go into broadcast television or radio as a script writer, investigative journalist or researcher, or blogger
  • Specialize in fields like management, training and development, human resources, public affairs, or special events planning, among others

You might choose graduate study and go on to earn a master’s or Ph.D. degrees in fields like law, business, political science, or public policy. You could also teach at the university level and engage in research to learn more about the ways in which humans communicate.

Consider joining a professional group (at a reduced student rate) to get a better feel for what career options are right for you, such as:

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