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I gained the confidence to open my own business based on my college experience at IUPUC. Having faculty mentors who fostered my progress as a student was a crucial factor in my academic success.

Sherry Traylor
Class of 2012, B.A. in English


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IUPUC Bachelor's degree in English


The Bachelor of Arts (BA) at IUPUC in English degree will help you explore the diversity and richness of the English language. You can complete the bachelor’s degree in English with concentrations in creative writing or literature.

IUPUC’s award-winning liberal arts faculty are engaged in teaching and research encompassing many sub-disciplines of English language studies such as creative writing, composition, digital, linguistics, literacy, and literature.

From instruction in basic freshman composition to research opportunities with faculty, we can help you tailor a program of study that fits your personal and professional goals. You will learn to do the following:

  • Read, research, analyze, and interpret an array of written material;
  • Consider socioeconomic, political, historical texts;
  • Explore the evolution of English to its modern form;
  • Discover the diversity of global English.

Along the way, you can get involved in campus life and co-curricular opportunities. You might publish your writing in the university’s literary magazine, present original research though the Office of Student Research, share findings at national conferences, or complete an internship that utilizes your writing skills. We hope you’ll also consider joining some of the clubs at IUPUC.

To get a better feel for whether an IU degree in English is the right choice for you, explore our course descriptions.


IUPUC offers three English minors:

Creative Writing: A minor in Creative Writing will interest students who are contemplating careers in writing, the teaching of writing, or self-employment.  The Creative Writing minor also serves those who believe that one good way to study literature is to learn to produce it.

Digital and Professional Writing: The Digital and Professional Writing minor helps prepare students for career communicative demands and personal communication needs.  Pursuing a minor in Digital and Professional Writing can be useful when seeking a career that focuses on written and multimodal communication.

Literature:  The Literature minor introduces students to the skills of interpretation and critical thinking and provides familiarity with American and British literature. This minor prepares students for careers in editing, publishing, teaching, text analysis, as well as commercial, governmental, and non-profit work.

Career Options

Organizations of all types seek graduates with outstanding communication, writing, and analytical skills—in other words, people who can write and speak clearly and look at things from the perspectives of others. An English degree from IUPUC is a broad and versatile degree that will provide you with a number of excellent academic and non-academic career options:

  • Editing and publishing
  • Teaching literature and writing
  • Teaching English in foreign countries
  • Creative writing
  • Grant and proposal writing, professional and technical writing
  • Blogging, freelance writing, proofreading
  • Developing print and multimodal content for television, radio, and news outlets
  • Managing websites and social media platforms
  • Public relations, media relations, marketing, corporate communications
  • Content management, advertising, and sales
  • Fund-raising and philanthropy

Some graduates go on to earn Master’s, M.F.A, and Ph.D. degrees in fields such as art history, communication, creative writing, education, fine arts, library science,
law, literature, media studies, political science, religion, women’s studies, and others.

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