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To get a better feel for whether a degree in liberal arts is right for you, explore these course descriptions.

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Degree Programs

The Division of Liberal Arts offers Indiana University bachelor’s degrees and academic minors that will advance your learning and understanding of the humanities and social sciences.

Taught by faculty experts who are recognized for their scholarship, research, and service, IUPUC’s liberal arts courses and degree programs will provide you with a top-quality educational experience. Your studies will range from the earliest human cultures to the latest sociological developments, encompassing the literatures, languages, history, arts, and politics of the world’s cultures from early through modern eras.

Degree Information

As a liberal arts student, you must complete at least 120 credit hours toward your degree with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.0 or higher. These credits include general education courses (which are the same for all liberal arts students, regardless of major) as well as required courses in your major. Information about specific degree requirements are included in the IUPUC campus bulletin.

Complete These Degrees & Minors at IUPUC

As a liberal arts student at IUPUC, you can complete these degrees and minors on our Columbus campus:

You can complete your degree in as little as three years if you take fall, spring, and summer courses on a year-round basis as a full-time student. Graduating in four years or less will keep your education affordable, meaning you will need fewer student loans or scholarships to help pay your tuition expenses.

You can also take classes as a part-time liberal arts student, however, and work toward a degree at your own pace to accommodate your work, family, and lifestyle needs.

These Indiana University degrees require 120 credit hours of general education, elective, and required courses. You must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher to remain in good academic standing toward graduation.

Minor in Liberal Arts at IUPUC

A minor can enhance the breadth and depth of your academic experience, strengthen your marketability and employment opportunities, or enable you to fulfill a life goal to simply learn more about a particular topic.

Completion of a minor requires the following:

  • Earn a grade of C or higher in minor courses.
  • Complete a minimum of 6 credit hours in the minor at IUPUC.

At IUPUC, you can minor in:

Start These Liberal Arts Degrees at IUPUC

If you are interested in a liberal arts degree that cannot be completed in its entirety at IUPUC—like history, religious studies, or a foreign language, for example—talk to us about completing some courses in Columbus and then transferring to the School of Liberal Arts at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) or another IU campus. We follow state and university standards so transferable general education courses meet common core standards.

  • It is likely you can complete a substantial portion of general education, elective, and required courses in Columbus before transferring to complete the degree.
  • In these cases, you will work closely with an academic advisor to develop an individual plan of study around the courses offered at IUPUC that will apply to your desired major.  You and your advisor will develop a timeline for a smooth transfer.

Use these degree planning sheets to help track your coursework. Choose the sheet for the semester you were admitted to the Division of Liberal Arts at IUPUC along with the planning sheet for your major or minor.

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