Women's Studies

WOST-W 105 Introduction to Women’s Studies (3 cr.)   This introductory course examines both the relation of women’s studies to other disciplines and the multiple ways in which gender experience is understood and currently studied. Beginning with a focus on how inequalities between women and men, as well as among women, have been explained and critiqued, the course considers the impact of social structure and culture on gender. The intersections of gender, race, class, sexual orientation, and age are investigated in both national and international contexts. PUL=5

WOST-W 300 Topics in Women’s Studies: (variable title) (1-3 cr.)   An interdisciplinary study of selected themes, issues, and methodologies in women’s studies. May be repeated for up to 6 credit hours. PUL=5

WOST-W 499 Senior Colloquium in Women’s Studies (1 cr.)  [P:Consent of instructor. ]   This is a culminating interdisciplinary course for advanced students who are prepared to present the results of an original major research effort on a topic in women’s studies. Participants will be expected to read and evaluate the presentations of other students and participating faculty. PUL=3

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