Political Science

POLS-Y 101 Introduction to Political Science (3 cr.)   For any student interested in better understanding the political world in which we live. The course explains some fundamental political concepts such as power, conflict, authority, and governments. It may also include an overview of the major subfields of political science: comparative politics, international relations, political theory, and public policy.

POLS-Y 103 Introduction to American Politics (3 cr.)   Introduction to the nature of government and the dynamics of American politics. Origin and nature of the American federal system and its political party base. PUL=3

POLS-Y 324 Women and Politics (3 cr.)   Women and Politics (3 cr). Analysis of women in contemporary political systems, domestic or foreign, with emphasis on political rules, participation, and public policy.  Normative or empirical examination of how political systems affect women and the impact women have on the system(s).

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