English for Academic Purposes

ENG-G 10 ESL for Academic Purposes I (4 cr.)   This course introduces and reviews basic English grammatical structures; presents basic reading strategies and vocabulary development; provides practice in pronunciation of English consonant and vowel sounds, stress, rhythm, and intonation; and focuses on functional language use and study skills. PUL=1C

ENG-G 11 ESL for Academic Purposes II (4 cr.)   This course provides practice in and clarification of higher-level grammatical structures and development of academic reading skills. The objective is to help non-native speakers of English develop their academic communication skills, primarily in the comprehension, interpretation, and analysis of texts, and their critical thinking skills, including the ability to analyze and synthesize readings. Students will be provided opportunities to use and practice their grammar and reading skills in written assignments, which include responses to and analyses of readings and journals used as models for academic writing. PUL=1B

ENG-G 12 Listening and Speaking for Academic Purposes II (3 cr.)   This course focuses on developing speaking and listening skills that are essential to academic life, encouraging participation in group discussion, improvement in presentation strategies, and development of questioning and answering skills. It provides community involvement to help students better understand American culture and language use. Reading skills, vocabulary development, oral communication and presentation skills for the academic context are emphasized. PUL=1B

ENG-G 13 Reading and Writing for Academic Purposes (3 cr.)   This course is designed primarily for graduate ESL students. Its purpose is to develop reading comprehension skills through the use of academic subject area materials and to teach the writing skills necessary to complete academic work. Assignments are completed using materials from the students’ academic disciplines. PUL=1A.

ENG-G 20 Communication Skills for Graduate Students and International Teaching Assistants (3 cr.)   This course for graduate International Teaching Assistants provides instruction on basic teaching strategies and helps students develop the oral language skills necessary to present academic materials in English to a student audience. Pronunciation, listening comprehension, and classroom interaction skills are practiced. Regular conferences focus on individual pronunciation needs. PUL=1C

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