Why Start at IUPUC Then Transfer?

Taking education classes in Columbus for as long as possible is a good choice, if you:

  • Want to take classes on a friendly, welcoming campus that is close to home
  • Live in the area and have a busy schedule with family or work responsibilities, making commuting to Indianapolis or Bloomington challenging
  • Want to avoid as much expense for commuting or moving as possible
  • Would like to graduate with fewer student loans needed to pay your educational expenses
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Learn more about the Indiana University education program at IUPUC! Contact us for an appointment. Visit us in CC Room 155, call 812.348.7325, or e-mail education@iupuc.edu.


Secondary Education

Teaching middle, junior high, and high school students is one of the most challenging—and rewarding—professional experiences you can have.

After graduation with an Indiana University Bachelor of Science (BS) in Secondary Education, you will be prepared to help adolescents and young adults find their way, discover their strengths and passions, and prepare for adulthood and a productive work life.

With a solid foundation in the history, theory, and philosophy of education, you will guide teens through the physical, emotional, and intellectual challenges they face. You will also employ the latest educational technologies and tools to facilitate good classroom management and facilitate successful teaching and learning outcomes.

Program Overview

You can complete a substantial portion of IU bachelor’s in secondary education at IUPUC. Then you will transfer to IUPUI, IU Bloomington, or another IU campus to complete the required courses not currently offered in Columbus.

  • You will work closely with an academic advisor to select your courses and develop a custom plan of study for obtaining this degree.
  • Your advisor will work with you to register for the appropriate classes that will apply toward this degree.
  • You and your advisor will develop a timeline for the transfer to ensure a smooth transition.

To get a better feel for which secondary education content area—such as foreign language, social studies, chemistry, physical education, or the arts—is right for you, please explore these IUPUI offerings.

If you are interested in transferring to another IU campus, or a college outside of the IU system, contact the Division of Education academic advisor for more information and assistance.

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