Other Concentrations

IUPUC education students can choose from six concentration areas. In addition to English/language arts, others include:

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Language Arts

As an Indiana University Bachelor of Science (BS) in Elementary Education student at IUPUC, your degree will lead to a general license to teach kindergarten through grade six.

To meet degree requirements under the Rules for Education Preparation and Accountability (REPA) program, you must also complete an area of concentration.

If you are interested in introducing children to the proper use of English and using language for good oral and verbal communication, consider a concentration in English/language arts. With this concentration, you will engage your students in learning to understand and appreciate good English in different types of writing and how to effectively employ the art of language in their writing.

Basic Requirements

  • This program of study must be completed concurrently with the elementary education (K–6) teacher preparation program.
  • You must have a minimum GPA of 2.5.

Program of Study

For IUPUC students starting DURING or AFTER the fall 2013 semester:

  • EDUC-X 470: Psycholinguistics for Teachers of Reading
  • ENG-G 204: Rhetorical Issues in Grammar and Usage OR ENG-G/Z 205: Intro to the English Language
  • One 300+ level literature course
  • Two of the following (one course double counts from General Education Content: World/American Literature):
    • EDUC-E 449: Trade Books for Teachers
    • ENG-L 202: Literary Interpretation
    • ENG-L 204: Intro to Fiction
    • ENG-L 207: Women in Literature
    • ENG-L 213: Literary Masterpieces I
    • ENG-L 214: Literary Masterpeices II

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