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If you are an Ivy Tech Community College graduate with an associate degree in education, talk to us about our Pathways Program, which enables you apply your Ivy Tech degree toward an Indiana University bachelor's degree. You may also be eligible for a special scholarship available for Ivy Tech graduates.

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Elementary Education

Do you enjoy working with young people? As a K–6 elementary teacher, you can play a key role in the intellectual and social development of children during a crucial period in their lives. By introducing them to the world of reading, writing, math, science, social studies, the arts, and other subjects, you can inspire them to become inquisitive, engaged lifelong learners.

The Indiana University Bachelor of Science (BS) in Elementary Education degree at IUPUC will prepare you to pursue certification and a general license to teach children in kindergarten through grade six.

  • You will choose from five concentration areas under the Rules for Education Preparation and Accountability (REPA) program. Choosing a concentration area is similar to earning an academic minor.
  • Before graduation, you’ll be prepared to complete the state licensure exam for a general K–6 license. You will receive your license, if you successfully complete the exam, after your degree has been conferred.

Whatever concentration you choose, IUPUC’s elementary education program will give you in-depth knowledge and insight into how children best think and learn. You will also have the skill to employ a range of methods for planning effective coursework and establishing a classroom environment that facilitates student success.

Degree Requirements

IUPUC’s elementary education program consists of three components.

  1. General Education Courses: These prerequisite courses must be completed for admission into the program. They build the foundational skills for professional education courses you will take during your final four semesters.
  2. Professional Education Coursework: These credits will be completed after you are admitted to IUPUC’s Teacher Education Program (TEP).
  3. Area of Concentration Coursework: You will select one of six concentration areas.

For complete details, download the document that best describes you:

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