Applying for Admission

You can apply for admission to the Teacher Education Program (TEP) during your final semester of general education courses. When admitted to the TEP, you will complete the program with cohort of about 20 of your peers.

  • Applications for the spring cohort are due October 7.
  • Applications for the fall cohort are due March 7.

You will also complete an application for the student teaching portion of the program during your second semester (Block II) in the TEP.

Consult with your academic advisor about application due dates if you have questions.


Degree Programs

Want to become a licensed kindergarten, elementary, middle, or high school teacher? Begin your career at IUPUC!

As a student in the Indiana University Bachelor of Science (BS) in Elementary Education program at IUPUC, you can become a licensed kindergarten or elementary school teacher.

Or, you can complete a substantial portion of the courses required for a BS in Secondary Education, which will prepare you for teaching middle, junior high, and high school students.

At IUPUC, you will receive a challenging, hands-on education in your chosen content area. You will also acquire a deep appreciation for how different students learn, and study prevailing strategies about teaching, including the integration of new technologies into your instruction.

Along the way, you will develop your own theories on instruction, assessment, and classroom management, practicing in real schools to refine your talents.

BS in Elementary Education

  • If elementary education is your focus, you can complete your elementary education degree at IUPUC.
  • You will complete general education courses and then apply for admission to our Teacher Education Program (TEP). Once admitted into the TEP, you will complete professional education courses during your final four semesters.

BS in Secondary Education

  • If you want to pursue a teaching career working with older children, you can complete a substantial portion of the BS in secondary education at IUPUC and then transfer to IUPUI or another IU campus.
  • In this case, you will work closely with an academic advisor to develop a personalized plan of study.

Contact the Division of Education at IUPUC for more information about degree requirements, application due dates, and next steps about beginning a teaching career.

Career Options

Having an Indiana University degree in education prepares you to be an effective teacher and classroom manager. And, according to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment outlook for teaching jobs is good.

Most students who pursue an education degree find teaching positions in local or regional public and private school settings. Others work as math or literacy coaches, athletic coaches, or librarians. Careers as educational consultants, program specialists, or testing administrators are other possibilities.

In the private sector, you could specialize in instructional technology, curriculum development, or publishing, working to create educational books, texts, and other teaching aids. You might also become a private tutor, social worker, or go into sales. Additional choices are positions in pre-schools, nonprofit organizations, or in business and industry as corporate recruiters and trainers.

IUPUC’s education program will also prepare you for graduate study in a master’s or Ph.D. program if you want to eventually teach at the university level or serve as a guidance counselor, college counselor, school principal, superintendent, or other senior administrator.

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