General Education

EDUC-E 201 Multicultural Education and Global Awareness (3 cr.)   This course examines educators' and students' responsibility(ies) in a complex and interdependent world. Students will be guided to develop the skills, knowledge, and attitudes needed to live effectively in a world of limited resources, ethnic diversity, and cultural pluralism. Taught as a writing intensive course at IUPUI.

EDUC-E 449 Trade Books and the Classroom Teacher (3 cr.)   Emphasizes the use of trade books in language and reading in elementary classrooms.

EDUC-E 490 Research in Elementary Education (1-3 cr.)   B-I Individual research.

EDUC-F 110 Windows on Education (2-3 cr.)   First year seminar to support incoming freshmen interested in teaching as a career. The course will facilitate students' efforts to navigate university life while making an informed decision regarding career choices. The F110 will serve as the First Year Seminar that may be linked to EDUC F200: Examining Self as a Teacher.

EDUC-F 200 Examining Self as a Teacher (3 cr.)   Designed to help a student make a career decision, better conceptualize the kind of teacher the student wishes to become, and reconcile any preliminary concerns that may be hampering a personal examination of self as teacher. Students will design a major portion of their work.

EDUC-F 401 Topical Exploration in Education  (0-3 cr.)   Explores various topics of relevance to education, both in the United States and abroad.

EDUC-L 400 Instructional Issues in Language Education  (3 cr.)   Reviews the principles and current instructional issues related to learning a first or a second language. Besides the general issues of effects of the environment, developmental stages, and basic instructional methodologies, relationships among reading education, English education, and second language education will be explored.

EDUC-P 254 Educational Psychology for Elementary Teachers (1-4 cr.)   The application of psychological concepts to school learning and teaching using the perspective of development from childhood through preadolescence. Special attention is devoted to the needs of the handicapped.

EDUC-Q 200 Introduction to Scientific Inquiry (1-3 cr.)   Provides the elementary education major with background in the science process skills needed to complete required science courses.

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