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Since 2010, IUPUC's finance professors have organized a semester-long investment competition open to all business majors. Participating is a terrific way to start following global companies and learn more about markets and investing. Ask one of them for more information.



Some of the more rewarding and challenging careers start with a background in finance. As a business student at IUPUC, if you choose to concentrate in finance you’ll get the education you need to have a competitive advantage in the employment market.


With an 18-credit concentration in finance, you will study the concepts and theories required to understand the big picture and the bottom line in corporate and small business settings. 

Finance is the analysis and valuation of assets. These assets could be capital equipment and real estate holdings of a major manufacturer, stocks for an investment portfolio, or mortgage loans.

The finance concentration includes subjects like corporate finance, risk management, international finance, market development, product pricing, global markets, ownership structures, investment banking, and more.

Career Options

When it comes to finance careers, you will be able to choose from a number of career paths.

As a corporate financial analyst, you might help company leaders understand how to plan and invest for the future or as a financial planner you could help individuals and families do the same for retirement.

You might pursue a career as an investment banker, stock broker, credit analyst, securities trader, or international financial manager. Work settings can run the gamut from large enterprises to small family firms and everything in between—whether the New York Stock Exchange, the state house, or the local bank or credit union in your hometown. From Wall Street to Main Street, financial knowledge and skills will be a great investment in your future.

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