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Chris D. Brandon, Ph.D.

Clinical Assistant Professor, Accounting
Division of Business
CC Room 119

PHONE: 812.348.7291

Biographical Statement

I have been at IUPUC since 1995, beginning as lecturer in accounting, and in 2001 I became clinical assistant professor after completing my doctorate. I have interests in the areas of managerial decision making and the use of accounting information in decision making, ethics and regulation in accounting and business, and accounting education. I also am involved in the IU MBA program at IUPUC.


  • B.A. in Clinical Psychology (1977), Purdue University
  • B.S. in Accounting (1986), Purdue University
  • Ph.D. in Accounting (2001), Purdue University

Professional Activities

  • American Accounting Association
  • Institute of Management Accountants

Courses Taught

  • BUS-A 201 Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • BUS-A 202 Introduction to Managerial Accounting
  • BUS-A 305 Accounting for Small and Medium Enterprises
  • BUS-A 311 Intermediate Accounting I
  • BUS-A 312 Intermediate Accounting II
  • BUS-A 328 Introduction to Taxation
  • BUS-A 335 Accounting for Government and Not-for-Profit Enterprises
  • BUS-A 337 Accounting Information Systems
  • BUS-A 380 Professional Practice in Accounting
  • BUS-A 422 Advanced Financial Accounting
  • BUS-A 424 Auditing
  • BUS-A 437 Advanced Managerial Accounting
  • BUS-A 490 Independent Study in Accounting
  • BUCO-A 501 Introduction to Financial Accounting (MBA prerequisite)
  • BUCO-K 501 Introduction to Statistics in Business and Economics (MBA prerequisite)
  • BUCO-A 524 Managing Accounting Information for Decision Making (MBA)

Administrative & Service Responsibilities

I assist the division’s coordinator of admissions and advising with administrative and policy details and as an academic advisor for the division, advising new and continuing students. I represent the Division of Business as a senator in the IUPUC Faculty Senate, and I serve on the IUPUC Faculty Affairs Committee, IUPUC Information Technology Advisory Committee, and IUPUC Grievance Board. I have served on divisional search and screen committees, and have chaired a number of director-level staff search and screen committees. In the past I have been chair of the IUPUC Academic Council (the predecessor to the IUPUC Faculty Senate), and have chaired the IUPUC Academic Affairs Committee.

Research Activities

I am currently working with IUPUC colleague Larita Killian, Ed.D., on the application of Fink’s Significant Learning paradigm in accounting education.


Brandon, C. Testing the Health of Your Business: Part 1. The Business Connection, November 2008.
Brandon, C. Testing the Health of Your Business: Part 2. The Business Connection, December 2008.

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4601 Central Avenue
Columbus, IN 47203

Phone: 812.348.7311

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