For information about engineering degrees and courses at IUPUC, contact the Division of Mechanical Engineering. If you are a current IUPUC student, contact your academic advisor. You can also explore the School of Engineering and Technology and IUPUI Web sites.

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A Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in mechanical engineering or another engineering discipline from Purdue University will give you the knowledge you need to engineer better lives using technologies that drive the future.

Engineering combines science, math, and technology to develop creative, innovative solutions for real-world problems. It helps solve global challenges in fields like medicine, healthcare, computers, information technology, energy, and transportation.

The study of engineering explores how to translate abstract concepts into reality. It includes studying and researching practical, cost-effective approaches to everyday challenges. It also includes building and creating the devices, machines, and vehicles needed for our ever-changing world.

From fighting AIDS in Africa, developing environmentally friendly systems that preserve precious natural resources, or building safe, reliable computer networks, engineers are at the forefront of exciting new systems, products, and technologies.

And, because Purdue University is recognized nationally and internationally for excellence in engineering and technology, a Purdue degree will give you a competitive advantage in the employment market after graduation.

Earning an Engineering Degree

As a student at IUPUC, you can earn a Purdue University Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering (BSME).

If you are interested in another type of engineering, you can take general education and prerequisite courses at IUPUC that will apply toward a number of engineering degrees offered by the School of Engineering and Technology at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI).

Most courses comprising the first year of courses for these degrees available on the IUPUI campus can be completed at IUPUC:

The first-year, freshman-level classes available at IUPUC will satisfy these degree programs offered by Purdue University in Indianapolis. In some cases, many of the sophomore-level classes required can also be completed at IUPUC.

If you are interested in earning an engineering degree in one of these areas, you will work closely with an academic advisor to develop a personal plan of study, identifying and completing courses that can be completed at IUPUC and developing a timeline for transferring to IUPUI. You must be in good academic standing to transfer to another Indiana University campus.

Career Options

Your career options in engineering will vary depending on the specialty you choose. In general, the overall job opportunities in engineering are good to excellent.

Advances in technology, competitive global markets, and other factors will continue to lead employers to rely on well-educated, creative engineers who can increase productivity, expand output, develop new products, improve existing systems and devices, engage in research and development projects, and deliver innovative solutions that meet pressing needs.

The School of Engineering and Technology recommends these online resources for more career information:

  • Occupational Outlook Handbook: This U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics site is a nationally recognized source of career information. It is designed to offer valuable assistance about making decisions regarding your future work life.
  • O*NET: This site is another national source of occupational information that includes comprehensive information on key attributes and characteristics of various occupations.
  • Vault: This site offers global career information, including career guides, career advice, and industry and occupational profiles.

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