For information about beginning a BA or BS in biology at IUPUC, contact the Division of Science. If you are a current IUPUC student, contact your academic advisor. You may also explore the Department of Biology and IUPUI Web sites.

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Get started toward earning a Purdue University Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biology at IUPUC.

A Purdue University Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biology degree will give you knowledge and understanding of living organisms through observation of  their structure, function, growth, reproduction, evolution, and behavior in relationship to their natural environment.

Biology is a natural science concerned with the study of life, from microscopic organisms to plants, animals, humans, and other life forms. A solid foundation in modern biology includes the study of cell theory, genetics, homeostasis, and energy.

 Geneticists, molecular biologists and physiologists provide valuable insight into how cells and systems function. Biologists help improve human life in many ways, including the discovery of antibiotics and medicines, a better understanding of the cellular processes leading to cancer, and the development of new crops. Information from the Human Genome Project is identifying genes and proteins involved in disease processes. There are, however, still many unknowns.

As a biology student, you will evaluate and better understand how new discoveries lead to informed decisions in the use of scientific knowledge to benefit all living organisms. Along the way, you will take classes that emphasize high-quality teaching and learning environments with opportunities for faculty-student research.

Minor in Biology

You can earn an academic minor in biology at IUPUC. For more information about the requirements to earn a biology minor, please contact the Division of Science.

Earning a Biology Degree

You can complete a substantial portion of the general education and prerequisite course requirements—and more than half of the courses required for the biology major—toward a Purdue University BA or BS in biology at IUPUC. You will transfer to the Department of Biology at IUPUI, however, to complete remaining program requirements.

When you begin a biology degree at IUPUC, you will work closely with an academic advisor to develop a personal plan of study, identifying appropriate courses that can be completed at IUPUC and developing a timeline for transferring to IUPUI. You must be in good academic standing at IUPUC to transfer to another Indiana University campus.

For information about the differences between a BA and BS in biology, explore these links:

Career Options

With a bachelor's degree in biology, your career options could include:

  • Basic and applied research and development
  • Environmental management and conservation
  • Organism biology (botany, zoology, marine biology, wildlife biology, entomology)
  • quality control and testing
  • Secondary science teaching
  • Technical or pharmaceutical sales

Earning a bachelor's degree in biology will prepare you for graduate school and professional programs in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and other health care fields, like veterinary science. You could also pursue graduate study in fields like law, business, or engineering.

You might work in settings like a college or university or government agencies and laboratories, hospitals or healthcare facilities, industrial and corporate settings, private research firms specializing in product development, state and local health departments, or K-12 school systems.

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