For information about anthropology at IUPUC, please contact Jessica Livon. She will help you select and register for classes that will apply toward your degree program. Contact her at:

Jessica Livon, MA
CC Room 156R
Phone: 812.348.7309


Anthropology is the study of human culture and human prehistory. Due to its inclusive scope of study, anthropology is one of the few disciplines that span social science, biological science, and physical science. Anthropology’s breadth also extends geographically and many anthropologists enjoy opportunities to work and study internationally.

Not only is anthropology for thinkers who are intrigued by the big questions of human existence, it is also for doers who have a passion for solving human problems. Anthropologists address social needs, resolve political conflicts, and improve human health.

IUPUC’s anthropology courses introduce the subfields of anthropology including cultural anthropology, archaeology, and biological anthropology. Specialized courses focus on aspects of human culture from ethnicity to religion. For more information, please review these course descriptions.

Minor in Anthropology

To declare a minor in anthropology, please review the course requirements and:

  • Download and complete an application form and return to Vicki Kruse in CC Room 162.
  • The completed application should be completed and submitted when you are enrolled in your final anthropology class but before you graduate

Earning an Anthropology Degree

You can begin work toward earning an Indiana University bachelor’s degree in anthropology at IUPUC, completing a substantial portion of the required courses on our Columbus campus before transferring to Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) to finish the degree.

If you wish to pursue an anthropology degree at IUPUC, you will work closely with your academic advisor to determine what courses can be completed at IUPUC and develop an appropriate timeline for transferring to IUPUI to complete the program requirements. You must be in good academic standing to transfer to another IU campus.

Career Options

Anthropology provides you with a uniquely valuable understanding of cultural context. Anthropologists apply their expertise in careers in business, government, and education. For example, anthropologists may draw upon their cultural fluency to establish economic partnerships between international businesses. In the public sector, anthropologists work for government agencies to implement international economic development initiatives. As educators, anthropologists help others understand the importance of considering cultural differences in making decisions that affect our daily lives.

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