Finish in Four

Completing your bachelor's degree in four years or less is one of the best ways to keep your college costs and student debt low. It's also a great way to get a jump on your career and increase your personal earning power.

If you are an IUPUC sophomore or junior who is on track to complete your degree in four years, you may be able to participate in Indiana University’s “Finish in Four On-Time Completion Award.” If you qualify, this new pilot program “freezes” your tuition and fees, keeping them at the same level as they were during your sophomore year, regardless of whether they increase for other IU students.

The result? You save money on tuition expenses and graduate with less debt. The “Finish in Four” initiative is IU’s way of encouraging students like you to stay on track and finish your degree in four years or less.

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Class Standing

Your class standing at IUPUC is determined by more than the simple total of all credit hours you have completed—it also is contingent upon where you are in your plan of study and how you are progressing toward completing your degree.

This is especially true if you change majors and move into a program where some of the classes you’ve already taken do not apply toward your new major. It usually isn’t a problem for freshmen or sophomores, however, and is more likely to occur if you change majors or degree programs as a junior or senior.

Here are general guidelines about class standings effective July 8, 2015.

  • Freshman        0-29 credit hours
  • Sophomore     30-59 credit hours
  • Junior               60-89 credit hours
  • Senior              90+ hours

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